2024 Dynasty Rookie Draft Pick 9 Strategy: How to Draft and Who to Target at the 1.09

Choose your own adventure with the 1.09.

I want to preface this article by stating that each team has different needs, league mates, and opinions on players. This article is a basic dive into my strategy and outlook on picking from the 1.09 slot in nearly any rookie draft based on what I preferred as best available.


Picking from the 1.09 is a wait-and-see game. In my previous rookie drafts this season I selected from the 1.08, and 1.10 for backend picks, and what I’ve seen has been extremely different every time. My pre-draft plan was exactly that, wait and see who fell to me and pick what I considered the highest upside pick at the time (I ultimately regret that decision).

Heading into the draft, my main targets were Brock Bowers, Brian Thomas, Jonathon Brooks, and Bo Nix. I believe these four players are worthy of being selected at the 1.09, and I considered my similar rosters when selecting from this position and what was truly needed.

If you’re selecting Brock Bowers, I believe his ceiling for the first year, no matter how he is deployed, isn’t incredibly high. Still, the career upside may give you someone as valuable as Travis Kelce moving years ahead (if you are lucky enough to be in a committed league).

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Overall, the 1.09 can be a pick-your-own adventure pick, depending on your roster’s needs, or a great spot to move back if you’re trying to stack assets.


After looking at the board following my pick, I am still struggling to justify this selection. Thomas is a 6’3″ vertical wide receiver who didn’t break out until his junior year. He’s truly a raw prospect but an athletic freak. This past season, he racked up 17 touchdowns and nearly 1200 yards on just 89 targets.

With the departures of Calvin Ridley and Zay Jones, the Jaguars are leaving over 200 vacated targets from last season. Thomas and Gabe Davis are the two in line to fill in for a majority of those, and I’m not one to bet on Davis to be a target hog in this new situation. I believe Thomas will be a major end-zone target for the Jaguars and feast in a similar way Calvin Ridley did this past season.

Although I should’ve selected Bo Nix or Jonathon Brooks in this situation, Thomas has major upside to becoming Trevor Lawrence’s number-one guy soon.


Arguably the worst pick in the NFL Draft, Penix falling to the 2.09 in a super flex format just seemed wrong. The Heisman runner-up was sitting at 2.09, and I had to take the bait. Quarterback is king in the Superflex format, and although he’s currently stuck behind Kirk Cousins, he’s just one rolled-up ankle away from starting in one of the most talented offenses in the NFL (F you, Arthur Smith).

Penix had a phenomenal two-year stretch at Washington after an injury-plagued career at Indiana. After moving out west, some believe Penix was a beneficiary of a talented NFL-like offense, while others believe he has incredible arm talent. I believe if he was selected by nearly any other team, we’d be considering him a top-10 pick in this class, but now it will be the wait-and-see game.

If Penix is ever here at the 2.09, you must select him if you can. It’s a major risk and could be a sunk cost, but Penix has QB1 aspirations if he ever sees the field. The big question is, will he ever see the field? It could be two years away, week 5 of this season, or never, but taking the risk here must be considered.


2024 Fantasy Football Rookie RB WINNERS: Jonathan Brooks, Kimani Vidal, Tyrone Tracy Jr.

I am eating up all the Kimani Vidal hype following the Chargers selection of him in the 6th round. I am a major advocate for RB dart throws in rounds 3 and 4, and Vidal seems perfect in this situation. The 5’8″, 213 lb back is Troy’s all-time leading rusher and won the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Year award. Vidal has immense upside in this Chargers new offense and only needs to beat out the shell of Gus Edwards, injury-prone and recovering JK Dobbins, and the ghost of Isaiah Spiller.

Vidal can do it all for Jim Harbaugh and is receiving praise from the dynasty community as well as his general manager. Vidal has the chance to be a starting RB in an offense with Justin Herbert, and you can snag him in the third round of most rookie drafts. I’m begging you if he falls to your spot in the third round, select him.


This was just a dart throw at this time in the draft. I probably should’ve gone with a running back like Tyrone Tracy Jr. or Dylan Laube, but I decided to throw the dart on the senior breakout receiver out of Virginia. Washington was the number on offense in a dismal Virginia offense all season after transferring from Northwestern. The senior had an impressive 1,426 yards and nine touchdowns on the season.

Was this selection purely because if Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle get hurt again, offensive mastermind Mike McDaniel may find a way for Washington to succeed? Yes. Will that happen? Probably not. But with a fourth-round pick, maybe take this risk.


Although this was a mock draft, I suggest attempting to trade back and receive more assets (1.09 for 1.12 and a 2025 third) if you’re in this jam of talent at the back end of this draft and the higher side of the next tier of players. If you can continue to make smart moves in dynasty, your team will be competitive forever, and draft picks can be a major proponent of that success.

While I entered this 2024 draft with a completely different idea of who I would select, I am still happy with my first three picks. I do wish I had selected Jonathon Brooks, as the RB position is so scarce, and his role may bring RB1 status in 2025. Overall, I believe I took calculated risks with all my picks, and if one thing falls correctly, I will have a perennial top-12 player at one position for years to come.


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