Mission Statement:

Breeding and Feeding Fantasy Wolves

So many fantasy football owners wander through the RotoSphere like lost sheep, following "groupthink" analysis while watching their money and (more importantly) their pride vanish.

Until now.

The Roto Street Journal breeds and feeds Fantasy Wolves that break through the noise and tear their sheep leaguemates limb by limb.

Step 1: Reframe Fantasy Football... the right way

Fantasy Football is a stock market.

You’re investing principle (a draft pick or auction dollars) into stocks (players) by judging their upside or downside (fantasy ceilings and floors). You need to choose the right time (round) to invest, and hope the value meets or, ideally exceeds, the price you’ve paid.

Yet no one approaches or teaches drafting this way.

Moreover, and just like on Wall Street, these values are in constant flux. From coaching changes, to free agency, to the draft and every Training Camp report in-between, fantasy worths are ever changing.

Yet no one dedicates themselves to tracking these rises and falls, especially not in this context.

It’s no wonder, year after year, the herds of fantasy sheep wander aimlessly through the Rotosphere, in search of a shepherd but finding no one they can trust.


We aim to be this shepherd, but not just by leading you to the right players for a single season.

Rather, the Roto Street Journal wants to make you a life-long fantasy winner by...

Unlocking. Your. Wolf (So you can tear all these pesky, wool-ridden creatures limb by limb, for life).

Here’s how:

A) Embrace the Mindset

Fantasy Owners are constantly seeking the "Holy Grail" for evaluation. This one Advanced Analytic or single ​Intriguingly Labeled Stat Category that'll unlock fantasy nirvana.

Let the sheeps seek, while you embrace an entirely new mindset -- the correct, Stock Market approach:

Consider Supply, Demand, and Opportunity Cost.  Balancing Upside Ceilings with Sturdy Floors. Digging deep for Late Round Penny Stocks, and maximizing every single investment your roster size allows. Tracking every value swing and shake.

(In-Depth "Draft Like A Wolf Courses" coming in August)

With this philosophical foundation, your Inner Wolf is set to be unleashed. 

B) Retool Your Evaluation with the Fantasy Stock Formula 


Ready to embrace, or at least, consider the Stock Market philosophy? Great.

Now start evaluating your assets the right way.

On Wall Street, analysts are always hunting for Indicators , or factors that help predict the value direction of a particular stock. In the best five minutes of The Wolf of Wall Street, Matthew McConaughey calls these indicators non existent, and the market completely unpredictable:

“First rule of Wall Street – Nobody – and I don’t care if you’re Warren Buffet or Jimmy Buffet – nobody knows if a stock is going up, down or fucking sideways, least of all stockbrokers. But we have to pretend we know.”

Fortunately, the exact opposite is true of Roto Street.

Fantasy Football Value has far clearer indicators.  In fact, we believe fantasy success or failure boils down to six key, but easily measurable, factors:

  1. 1) Individual Talent
    2) Opportunity / Usage
    3) Surrounding Talent
    4) Coaching Scheme
    5) Risk
  2. 6) Upside

We run every worthwhile player through the gamut, grading them out in each category to produce an overall Fantasy Stock Score. These "Fantasy Stock Profiles" provide the most holistic breakdown around, and ensure every meaningful angle has been analyzed.

Though these will be cleaner and more organized in Year 3, here's a sample of how the Fantasy Stock Formula revealed Tyreek Hill  as a 2017 Explosion Candidate, and David Johnson as the No.2 Pick in 2016.

Read an in-depth breakdown of our Fantasy Stock Formula here (2018 Update)

C) Track the Fantasy Stock Market

Just like on Wall Street, the Fantasy Football Stock Market never sleeps. Whether Coaching Changes, Free Agency, the NFL Draft, or Camp Developments, player values are constantly in swing. And oftentimes, it’s the Winter and Early Spring nuggets that win leagues, because everyone’s waiting until August.

Not us.

Thankfully, your faithful RSJ Addicts can’t help but cover every single move and shake. It’s our oxygen. Thus, you can count on us to track everything using:


As if the New York Stock Exchange for Fantasy Football, the Roto Street Journal updates our 2019 Big Board and Rankings with each move and shake, in real time.

Simply put, you'll never find more in-depth, up-to-date Fantasy Football rankings anywhere. Bookmark us. Now.

2) The Fantasy Football Stock Watch
(Preview - Full Version Linked Above to Bookmark)

Who's Rising, Falling and Why

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3) Social Medias

Our goal is to provide our content wherever you're already at.

Follow us on all your favorite social medias, each with its own unique content and flair: 

4) Draft Guides

Want to stay updated, but not a psycho who enjoys tracking Daily Updates in February? No problem. 

Whereas other Fantasy Football Sites will provide one, maybe two Draft Guides , the Roto Street Journal will be churning out 5+ every year (at least 3 coming this Summer), capturing the various "Value-Altering" stages of the offseason.

Get our latest Draft Guide - The 2018 Coaching Carousel - sent straight to your inbox now!

Step 4
:  Follow our Pulverizing Audio Lead Blocks via The Fantasy Fullback Dive

Just like the real game, fantasy football is truly a game of inches. From that crucial waiver wire pick-up, to the right draft-day selection in Round 9, fantasy titles are won with those hard-nosed, unsung, fullback-esque moves.

That’s where the astutely researched, undeniably bold, and unfathomably genius opinions of our very-own Wolf and Truth come in. Gritty. Dirty. Always pushing the pile. Gain that crucial yard with the Fantasy Fullback Dive.

To find all our Episode Show Notes and more information, visit the FFBDPod Homepage here.


Incredible info...responsive...great FF community

Incredible information, quickly responds to direct messages with well thought out, and friendly responses, helped me win 1 league become runner up in another, and third in my final league. I highly recommend these guys specifically The Wolf for any questions or if you just need a great FF community to be apart of! 

Trinidad Jay

Preferred reads to Fantasy Pros and ESPN...

"These wolves know what they're doing! They helped me win 1 of my leagues this year while coming close in my other 2! Their start/sit columns, waiver wire rankings, and weekly rankings were my preferred reads compared to Fantasy Pros and ESPN! Highly recommended!!

Tim Grey

Made Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit in 2017...

"Roto Street Journal helped me make chicken salad out of chicken shit in 2017.

This year, a group of friends invited me to join their “Keeper” league after a long time owner dropped out. Problem was that most teams had studs that they were keeping for 12th round picks, while I was going in with a blank slate. I dug myself deeper in a hole when I had a comically bad draft, where I didn’t account for the number of RBs that were kept and ended up having to choose between Paul Perkins and Fat Rob for my RB2. Absolute dumpster fire.

Luckily, RSJ had some timely advice that saved the season. It took some time to materialize, but ultimately trusting in the boys at RSJ, and by association, in players like Tyreek Hill, Alvin Kamara, Dion Lewis, and Blake Bortles, who has sloppier mechanics than your average pop warner quarterback. The Sunday Morning Facebook Live sessions assisted in lineup decisions, making me feel better about going into a championship matchup starting a human named Keelan Cole. Somehow, between the assistance from the Wolf and company and the favor of the fantasy gods, I stole a wildly unlikely championship and now go into the 2018 season with Alvin Kamara and Jimmy Garappolo as my keepers.

This year, I’ll probably do some homework and read through the extensive pre-draft guide that the RSJ team puts together in the summer.

Thanks for the assist boys!

Chris D'India

To hear more about what people have to say, check out more Testimonials Here 

Coming Attractions

Be on the lookout for our Coming Attractions, including:

1) The Fantasy Wolf Pack: Fantasy Football's Ultimate Tribe

"For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack." 

2) Roto Street Shows - The Ultimate Fantasy TV Network 

As our Team Grows, so do our capabilities. A major 2018 Goal is to increase the quality, variety, and amount of Video Content we create. From quick daily recaps, to longer post production Broadcasts & Rundowns, to crafty "Episodes" of our own wild creations, we're gearing up to become the premier video supplier in fantasy football.

3) The Culture: 

Few things in life match the greatness of fantasy football. For many of us, our historic leagues are our greatest sources of overflowing pride or crippling despair. They maintain bonds that might otherwise wither, make casual talk at work far more bearable, and can even make family parties a complete battleground.  

Ideally, through our own stories and user-submissions, the Roto Street Journal can capture this "Cultural" Side of fantasy that makes our virtual gridiron so incredible. 

.... and so much more

Contact Us!

As our Mission Statement promises, Roto Street Journal is dedicated to being a user-driven site.

Unlike many experts who enjoy forging some "bad boy" persona, we actually DO care about your fantasy team and its dilemmas. We recognize your seeking not just our wild takes, but personalized advice on your own fantasy needs.

Thus, we want to field and answer every. single. fantasy. question that's ever existed.

Sit / Start quandary? Keeper dilemma? Draft Strategy question? Trade Value opinion?

We want them all!

To reach out, either slide into any of our Social DMs (above), use the following contact form, or send us a SpeakPipe voice message below. Be sure to include all relevant details (scoring, league size, roster makeup)

 Our Story... so far 

Roto Street Journal logo

Though we're now (as Tom "Our Savior" Brady would say) "laser-focused" on Fantasy Football entering our third season, the Roto Street path has taken many twists and turns. 

Everything all began late one brisk February night,  deep into the ninth straight hour of an epic Game of Thrones binge. As he wiped crab rangoon crumbs off a robe he hadn't changed out of for multiple days, a thought came to The Wolf:

I need to do more with my life. 

After running down an underwhelming list of talents to build upon, he finally realized his true calling: Fantasy Football.

Immediately after, Roto Street began to be paved.  Along the way, many have joined The Wolf on this quest to reach the summit of Fantasy Mountain. Some strong souls remain (see bottom), though many have been lost. Our content has gone everywhere -- from football, to Golf, and even to Survivor, The Bachelor, and Game of Thrones.

Most importantly, countless lessons have been learned. Now, with clearer eyes and fuller hearts, we've discovered ourselves and what we must do to achieve our lofty ambition: become the unquestioned GOAT Fantasy Football site and community.

The full version of our journey -- from where we've been and where we're going, to how we got our name and the countless business takeaways we've learned can be found here.