2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Superflex Trade Value Chart (Pre-NFL Draft): Wide Receivers

Construct your dynasty squad for 2024 and beyond.

Don’t look now, but this 2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Superflex Trade Value Chart comes courtesy of yours truly, Chase Marquette-Gaines. So not only will I be providing updated dynasty rankings as the NFL regular season comes to a close, but I will also be double-dipping by adding more context to those rankings through these trade value charts, normally brought to you by RSJ’s Jackson Barrett.

More context for the dynasty buy/sells can be found here, as well as among the latest risers and fallers.

Tiers and rankings are based on a 12-team Superflex league with 10 starters and half-PPR scoring without TE premium. All draft pick values are assumed to be 2024 picks. Click the links below to see the value of other positions, but keep in mind that points per game and Expected Fantasy Points Data come from full-PPR sources.

QB | RB | WR | TE

*Players valued less a third round pick are not included


Trade Value Tier

This column provides the rough market value for each player in terms of draft capital. Players and picks can be combined to create fair offers. For example, a player worth three first-round picks would be roughly equivalent to a player worth two first-round picks plus a different player worth one first-round pick.


This column contains my dynasty rankings by position. I recommend focusing more on the trade value tier than the rank column. Players within the same tier are very similar, and I would usually like to trade players at the top of a tier for a lower-ranked player in the same tier if I can get draft picks or other assets on top. The rankings take market value into account.


Generally, these players aren’t deals where they’re at in the trade value tiers. Still, they are labeled “Buy” if you have a shot at acquiring them at considerably less than their trade chart value or “Sell” if you have a shot at trading at considerably more than their trade chart value.


Points per game scored in 2023 using full-PPR scoring

XFP (Expected Fantasy Points)

This column contains data from the same games throughout the 2023 NFL regular season.

XFP calculates the value of each target and rushing attempt based on the distance to the end zone and air yards. These historical data attributes correlate highly with fantasy points per game (PPR scoring).

For more information on Expected Fantasy Points and to utilize our XFP data tool, click the link below:



Games played in 2023


Personal bias is an inevitability among different people’s rankings. All of the factors that go into them are going to be prioritized a little differently.

I aim to pinpoint the median of where I think you can expect players to be traded for and away from your team, and even then, your own roster construction will make some players more or less valuable depending on your team needs.

Influencing factors in my rankings include recent performance, market confidence, and as an example among wide receivers: established past performance.

Ranking Tee Higgins And Marquise Brown

Even very recently, Tee Higgins was considered by some to be a top 10-12 dynasty wide receiver. Then he went on to be the WR40 per-game in 2023. On its own, that doesn’t merit his placement in Tier 5 (just under two 1sts) in my dynasty rankings.

But Tee had injury issues of his own, to go along the issues with Joe Burrow, who seemed to get knocked out for the season just as he heated back up after coming back from a preseason calf strain.

Now, some fantasy players won’t stray from their previous thoughts on Tee moving forward, but in your league, maybe they will. 

That’s why I have him as an offseason buy. His established past performance keeps his trade value where I believe much of the market will value him, but it’s definitely worth a shot to see if you can attain Tee’s services for considerably less than my current ranking, at just under two 1sts.

It’s a similar story with Marquise Brown. His final year in Baltimore saw him as high as the WR6 in an offense that he felt was too conservative. Then his first year in Arizona saw him as a clear-cut target hog while DeAndre Hopkins was serving his suspension for the first six games of the year.

However, once Kyler Murray returned from his ACL tear this past season, things didn’t go too well to close out the year. It took Kyler’s third game back to see more than five targets and then after that game, Marquise suffered a heel injury that would ultimately land him on IR to close out the season. He fared worse than Tee, as he was the WR53 per game for ‘23.

But established past performance functioning as multiple teams’ WR1 keeps him in Tier 8 (just under one 1st) in my dynasty rankings. Where Brown ends up during free agency is yet to be seen, despite the good vibes so far that he’ll stay in Arizona with his Oklahoma Sooner teammate at QB. That paired with his injury-riddled down year makes him a buy similar to Tee Higgins, as people might sell Hollywood for considerably less than a 1st if they become too infatuated with recency bias.


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