NFL Red Zone’s Scott Hanson Fantasy Podcast Interview (2020)

NFL Red Zone's Scott Hanson joins The Wolf for an all-time interview surrounding fantasy football, as well as meeting Tom Brady, his fear of commercials, and how to attack life with permanent enthusiasm and energy.

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Scott Hanson of NFL Red Zone joins The Wolf for the most electric interview in our podcast history.

What was it like to meet Tom Brady and get his endorsement?

Where does Scott’s nonstop motor come from?

Where do commercials rank on his greatest list of fears?

Pros and cons of the world’s greatest job?

Origins of the Witching Hour?

Plus, do his fantasy players impact his calls?

Find all this out and more in a can’t miss Fantasy Fullback Dive. This was genuinely a lifetime highlight, and Scott offers some incredible advice throughout for how to approach life the right way. 


Scott Hanson

NFL Red Zone


This is Scott, our up-and-coming buddy we're trying to help grow in the industry!

Joking aside: You know Scott Hanson, the most electric host of the craziest seven hours of football every single week on NFL Red Zone. 

Scott also co-hosts NFL Network’s NFL Total Access, and serves as a host for NFL Network’s on-location coverage of such events as Super Bowl, NFL Scouting Combine, NFL Draft, free agency and more.

Whether bringing you Quad Boxes of delight, narrating the craziness of a Witching Hour, or delivering every score and major highlight in between, Scott brings a genuine passion and joy to everything he does... including interviews on upstart podcasts.  This was beyond a joy and thrill.

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  • Founder of Roto Street Journal. Lover of workhorse backs, target hog wideouts, and Game of Thrones. Aspiring to be the "Brady" and "Leo" of the fantasy universe.


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