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About the Show

Just like the real game, fantasy football is truly a game of inches. From that crucial waiver wire pick-up, to the right draft-day selection in Round 9, fantasy titles are won with those hard-nosed, unsung, fullback-esque moves. That’s where the astutely researched, undeniably bold, and unfathomably genius opinions of our very-own Wolf and Truth come in. Gritty. Dirty. Always pushing the pile. Gain that crucial yard with the Fantasy Fullback Dive.

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So many fantasy football owners wander through the RotoSphere like lost sheep. This is at no fault of their own, as this booming industry is jam-packed with groupthink and garbage-spewing “experts.”


No longer. Using a football-exclusive, user-driven, and stock-market approach, the Roto Street Journal aims to through break this noise and create a Wolfpack that feasts upon the sheep and fantasy world.


“In a world full of fantasy sheep, be The Wolf”

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