Fantasy Upside & 2020 Cheat Codes ft. Scott Barrett | Fantasy Football Podcast

Last time on our show, PFF's Scott Barrett literally predicted all of 2019's league winners. He attempts to do the same, and talks overall fantasy football strategy, with The Wolf in a must-listen fantasy football podcast.

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Scott Barrett joins The Wolf for an outstanding discussion about general Fantasy Football strategy before diving into specific 2020 Fantasy “Cheat Codes.” Last time Scott came on, we got you Lamar Jackson, Austin Ekeler, and Mark Andrews… so needless to say this is can’t miss.

The first half is all philosophy, covering why Fantasy Football is a stock market, the best “investing strategies” to “win” in this type stock market (and how it’s different than in real life), and what factors create “upside.” We also look at which players were most likely to bring you to the playoffs, and then to championships, and then ultimately who won you the whole thing in 2019 for crucial takeaways in 2020 fantasy leagues.

Then, with our “always chase ceiling” strategy established, we dive into 2020 Fantasy Cheat Codes (43:14). Given rushing “konami code” ability is often key… who has the upside to evolve into Lamar Jackson? Which backs could emerge as a Christian McCaffrey “league winner” if everything goes right? Who might be the next Mark Andrews to join the elite TEs? In the process, we cover a ton of the players at all positions (especially QB and RBs) that we feel drip in the most upside in 2020, including early, mid, and late rounders.

If you heard our 2019 interview with Barrett, you probably won your league. Make sure you do the same for 2020.


Scott Barrett

Pro Football Focus

Senior Analyst


Oftentimes, Fantasy Football analysis can be saturated with distracting, meaningless stats... but never with former Pro Football Focus Senior Analyst Scott Barrett. The King of "Metrics that Matter" and "#DankStats," Barrett is constantly uncovering game-changing, never-before-seen stats and trends to better illuminate the many factors that go into Fantasy Football success (Individual Talent, Usage, Surrounding Talent, Scheme and Risk).

Simply put, Barrett brings forward-thinking & fire analysis that literally doesn't exist anywhere else. This combination of bold takes and even bolder supporting evidence makes Scott among the industry's most lethal wolves, and an absolute must-follow.

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