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Oftentimes, “Experts” label their first round of 2019 Fantasy Football Rankings as “Way too Early” or “Just for Fun.”

Not here. On the contrary, I strongly believe it's crucial to release an immediate Big Board as soon as the season ends, for two main reasons: 

A) Fresh Feelings: At this point of the offseason, all of 2018’s happenings are still burning in the brain and gut. Each heroic individual effort (McCaffrey?!). The painful, season-ruining busts (Fournette). Ranking while these emotions are ripe, and before they wilt, is crucial.

B) Unbiased: This early on, no other rankings are available to sway your own individual list Sure, all of us “experts” claim to be independent thinkers and unique evaluators... but it’s impossible to completely ignore ECR, widespread opinions, and other expert takes (even if subconscious). certain opinions at least enter the mind (even if subconsciously). Ranking in January is the only way to create a list that is 100% "pure." 

Indeed, many fantasy values will swing wildly up or down during these 33 more cold weeks until the 2019 kickoff. The Coaching Carousel is already wildly swinging. Rosters will undergo makeovers via Free Agency and the NFL Draft. This is why we frame Fantasy Football as a "Stock Market," and catch every important swing and shake on our "Stock Watch(preview below).

We've even collected the 5 Most Important NFL Storylines for Fantasy Owners. The answers to these Burning Questions will send earthquakes through the Roto World.

Still, this "Stream of Gut" rankings set is my clean, unbiased, and independent Fantasy Soul. From here, we'll be adding "Fantasy Stock Profiles" for our entire Top 100, releasing a Coaching Carousel Guide, and begin developing some crazy 2019 develpments. Stay tuned, and bookmark this 2019 Fantasy Football Rankings and Big Board to see all our changes this offseason.

Please, send me any and all feedback. Who am I insanely high on? What player if painfully low? Who’s value is bound to swing the most? Hit up the comments, or find me on Twitter and Snapchat and sound off now!

Scoring: 1/2 PPR and 4 pt passing TD scoring

Rosters: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, and 1 Flex starting lineup.

Who's Rising, Falling and Why

Bookmark our Fantasy Football Stock Watch, where you can find all the news and moves that truly impact the fantasy value needle, with no stone left unturned. We ground each breakdown in our Fantasy Stock Formula, analyzing which factor(s) have seen a change (Talent, Opportunity, Surrounding Talent, Coaching Scheme, Risk, and Upside) to identify Risers, Fallers, and Penny Stocks.

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Marlon Mack Makes a Statement and Returns to Fantasy RB1 Territory
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New Target-Hog Robby Anderson a Potential Fantasy Title Winner
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Kalen Ballage a Week 16 Fantasy Waiver Wire Priority
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The Stock Market Approach

Fantasy Football is truly a stock market.

You’re investing principle (a draft pick or auction dollars) into stocks (players) by judging their upside or downside (fantasy ceilings and floors). You need to choose the right time (round) to invest, and hope the value meets or, ideally exceeds, the price you’ve paid.

More importantly, and just like on Wall Street, these player values are in constant flux. From coaching changes, to free agency, to the draft and every OTA report in between, fantasy football worths are ever changing.

Yet no one dedicates themselves to tracking these rises and falls, especially not in this context. Until now:

Introducing our 2018 Fantasy Football Rankings and Big Board.

Above, you've find my up-to-the-minute Top 100 Big Board, as well as Positional Fantasy Football Rankings. Underneath this are direct links to all of our "Stock Watch" articles, where we breakdown the reasoning behind each move and swing. Directly below, you'll find a copy of our most recent Roto Street Rankings Rundown, a LIVE Broadcast where The Wolf narrates his thoughts on each major riser and faller.

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