2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Trade Value Chart: Tight Ends (Training Camp Edition)

Dominate your dynasty league with the new TE Trade Value Chart

Trade calculators are trash”

Trade calculators are for newbies”

Did you cook that up through a trade calculator?”

We’ve probably heard these comments from someone or were the ones saying them. Yet, knowing how the market values various players is always beneficial, whether you are a rookie or a veteran in the dynasty fantasy football world.

That’s what I’m trying to do with this 2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Trade Value Chart. This chart may look different than other trade charts you’re used to seeing. Most other analysts take their dynasty rankings, apply arbitrary numbers to each player based on rank order, and call it a day.

I tried to make this dynasty tight end trade value chart more useful by providing context. Explanations for each column can be found at the bottom of the page.

Every league will have a different market for players, however, this 2024 Dynasty Trade Value chart will provide a great starting point when upgrading your dynasty roster.

This chart was put together using a 12-team, Superflex, PPR/TEP league. Charts for each position are linked below:


Trade Value Tier

This column provides a starting market value for each player in terms of rookie draft picks. Tier values can be combined to mix and match assets to create a package deal. Value-wise, a player worth three first round picks would essentially be equal value to an individual worth two first round picks plus a player worth one first round pick.

To give a bit more context, Sam LaPorta being worth 2 1sts- would mean his value is slightly less than 2 firsts. Therefore, Dalton Kincaid + T.J. Hockenson are worth more than Sam LaPorta, but could be packaged together to complete a package deal.


This represents the positional rank for each player. This chart is created and sorted by dynasty value. Therefore, there is no real relevance to the rank column other than sorting them in order.


This column highlights players I consider a buy/sell at their associated market value. As mentioned above, each league has a different market value but this chart will provide a good starting point when searching for potential trade partners and discussing packages. I will be on Reddit defending/discussing these players so if you disagree on anything, lets chat.

2023 GP / 2023 PPG

These columns show the number of games played in the 2023 regular season along with their PPR/TEP points per game.


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