Super Bowl 58 Betting Guide: 49ers vs Chiefs Odds, Best Bets, Player Props, Novelty Props (2024 Super Bowl)

It's our last chance to cash in on the 2023-2024 NFL season.

The 2024 Super Bowl is finally here. We’ve completed another epic fantasy football and regular season, and now we have Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs looking to cement their dynasty status against Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, Nick Bosa, and the San Francisco 49ers in a Super Bowl rematch.

What better way to celebrate than stuffing the wallet with some 2024 Super Bowl Bets ?

Last year, The Wolf, CJay, and The Truth jumped on our YouTube Channel to give you a legendary 1st, 2nd, and 3rd touchdown exacta parlay that one of our loyal Wolfpack followers smashed for +20000! Now, we aren’t going to guarantee another +20000 monster, but we like our chances of giving you a handful of winners.

Below, we gathered a few RSJ writers to form the perfect Super Bowl 58 betting roundtable, where we go through our favorite spread, total, player props, and novelty prop bets.

Let’s get it! And don’t forget to check us out Tuesday at 8:15 PM EST on YouTube as we go through our best bets.

Note: These odds may change throughout the week, even from writer to writer depending on when we completed this. We used DK Sportsbook for most of these, but definitely shop around for the best odds and payouts!


Who Will Win the 2024 Super Bowl? Who Will Cover the Spread?

Current line (2/6): San Francisco 49ers -2 (-105)

The Wolf: Kansas City + 2

As a Pats diehard, it pains me to admit: Pat Mahomes is the next Brady. He’s inevitable. Mahomes’ big-game experience + knack for rising to the occasion, especially against a QB who’s never been there in Brock Purdy (and a head coach who always craps himself in Kyle Shannahan), pushes the Chiefs over against a better 49ers team.

Stir in a Kansas City defense that has allowed just three combined points in the fourth quarter all playoffs (and has never yielded over 28 points all year), and I’m stunned the Chiefs are even underdogs here. The Bills and Ravens may prove to be tougher opponents than the 49ers.

CJay: San Francisco -2

They used to say you don’t get rich by betting against Bill Belichick/Tom Brady and Nick Saban, and that’s becoming the case with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. However, I’ve bet against them against the Bills and the Ravens, and I will go down with the ship in the Super Bowl.

Is it necessarily a “smart” bet? No. I’m mostly betting with my heart. But that’s why I’m not a sharp gambler. Still, it’s not like Kansas City is this all-time team with no holes: their offense is very average, Mahomes has not been himself, and the defense has carried them throughout this season. On the flip side, the 49ers have yet to put together a complete game, but if they show up for three or four quarters, they are the more talented team and should raise the Lombardi.

Kayla Morton: Kansas City, +2

San Francisco is the better team overall, but most didn’t think Kansas City would make it this far after its so-and-so year compared to recent seasons. The experience at quarterback should come into play here, and a big second-half boost by the Chiefs should be in the cards.

Keegs: SF -2

This is a really even matchup across the board, but I think San Francisco is a more complete team on both sides of the ball.

Tunes: SF -2

SF is almost impossible to match up with if they are on, KC has been playing their best football of the season in the playoffs but I think SF will be too much for them to handle in the end.

Jimbo: KC +2

I’m simply not betting against Mahomes as an underdog. If you strip everything down and just look at the basic QB matchup here, who do you trust to make the play at the end of the game with it all on the line? Mahomes, or Purdy? It’s that simple for me.

MOH: SF -2

On paper, Kansas City and San Francisco match up very well together. However, the matchup that I think will be the difference maker will be Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel against the KC rushing attack. The Chief defense has proven vulnerable to the run. I think Kyle Shanahan relies on his most effective weapon in CMC to control the pace of play and carry them to a win.

The Truth: KC +2

At this point there has to be something or someone super compelling to make me bet against Mahomes and the Chiefs.  I thought they’d beat the Bills, I was almost positive they’d beat the Ravens, and the 49ers seem to have kind of limped in here.  I’m fine being wrong going against the 49ers, but it would be hard to live with myself betting against the Chiefs and being wrong. These guys have been here 4 out of the past 5 years–it’s starting to look routine.

Should You Bet the Over or Under in Super Bowl 58?

Current line (2/6): 47.5 (-110)

Wolf: Under 47.5

It’s never fun pulling for the Under, but just look at how these two teams play on both sides of the ball. On offense, both the 49ers and Chiefs want long, sustained, clock-killing drives. On defense, both squads rarely surrender the big play, and make offenses “earn” every yard. The 49ers defense has shown some cracks as of late, but the Chiefs have allowed 13.7 points per game (& under 219 passing yards per), and has only topped 27 points twice all season. I’m hitting the Under with confidence.

CJay: Under 47.5

As noted earlier, the defenses are stacked, and it should be a war between two offenses that haven’t consistently shown up this postseason. The Chiefs’ offense hasn’t established itself in the second half of their three games, while the 49ers’ offense hasn’t shown up in the first half of their two games. This game will finish in the early 20s for each team.

Kayla Morton: Under 47.5

Yeah, I hear Scott Van Pelt cursing me and saying “always take the over!” But, this game could see both teams in the 20s and still not reach 47.5. With the defensive Super Bowl I see coming, I expect lower scores.

Keegs: Under 47.5

Points will be at a premium with two top defenses, especially in the 2nd half when two of the game’s best coaches have an extended halftime to adjust. I actually like the 1st Quarter over at 9.5, with the scoring slowing down significantly after the first few drives. 

Tunes: Under 47.5

We would love to see a barn burner, but as they say, defense wins championships.  With two of the top defenses in the NFL squaring off, scoring will be limited.

Jimbo: Over 47.5

It has the makings of a defensive battle, and I think it’ll start pretty slow, but that second half and end of the game will pop off. These offenses can’t be fully contained for 60 minutes.

MOH: Under 47.5

The Chiefs’ offense has been inconsistent throughout the season. They have looked better in the playoffs, but two of these games came against incredibly banged-up defenses in Miami and Buffalo. On the other side of the ball, the Chiefs’ defense has also been one of the league’s best. This is shaping up to be a slow game controlled by CMC and Pacheco.

The Truth: Under 47.5

I’ve made a fool of myself on the podcast betting overs for fun and being wrong a hefty percentage of the time.  This has seemed like an under to me before I even saw a line, and 47.5 is an easy one for me to go under–I’m not really tempted to go the other way. I could see it going under 45.

2024 Super Bowl Player Props

Who Will Win Super Bowl 58 MVP?

Wolf: Patrick Mahomes (+125)

 I know, I know. It’s not a sexy Hail Mary. I wouldn’t even be shocked if Isiah Pacheco or a defensive player like Chris Jones deserved it more (like Damien Williams the last time these two squads met). Still, just like when Brady eked out James White, Mahomes’ legacy will dictate he gets the award.

CJay: Christian McCaffrey (+475)

The media and MVP voters are not huge fans of Brock Purdy. The talent doesn’t ‘wow’ anyone, and although he’s a great game manager, that’s exactly what he is as a quarterback. If the 49ers win this game, they will ride CMC until the wheels fall off. I could see 150+ total yards, near double-digit receptions, and two-plus touchdowns. That’s an MVP performance, and he doesn’t have to compete with a quarterback darling for the accolade. Think of Julian Edelman’s MVP performance.

If I wagered on the Chiefs to win, I would’ve bet Travis Kelce (+1200) to win the MVP. He’s been their MVP of the last two games, and people forget Mahomes has yet to hit 300 passing yards in his three Super Bowl appearances.

Kayla Morton: Travis Kelce (+1200)

Won’t it be beautiful to see Taylor Swift on the field celebrating Kelce’s one touchdown? His yards or number of catches won’t even matter – whatever he does will be deemed the “biggest moment” or “turning point.”

Keegs: Fred Warner +12000

Obviously there are safer picks, like either QB or Christian McCaffery, but if San Francisco wins this game it’ll be due to a Herculean effort by their defense, which Fred Warner is the heart of. We haven’t had a defensive Super Bowl MVP since Von Miller in Super Bowl 50, and I think we’re due for another. 

Tunes: CMC +475 

CMC has been a touchdown scoring machine coming up big in the clutch.  He will be huge in the passing and running game for the 49ers to win this.

Jimbo: Rashee Rice +5000

Obviously, Mahomes is the leading candidate and will likely win should the Chiefs emerge victorious. I also like the Kelce pick based on the sheer volume he’ll get along with his red zone usage and multiple touchdown upside. But what about another pass catcher coming along that could make a huge splash. If it’s not Kelce, it’s gonna be Rashee Rice at these insane odds. Receivers have been picking up more of these awards with Edelman and Cooper Kupp as of late.

MOH: CMC +475

The quarterback of the favored team (Purdy) is sitting at +220. This should tell you all that you need to know about how Brock Purdy is viewed in the context of this 49ers offense. Purdy will need to have an elite performance, in the range of 300 yards and 2 or 3 scores, to take down this award. This is simply because he is viewed as the facilitator in this offense, not the difference maker.

If it’s not Purdy, it will likely be CMC. With his rushing and receiving yards line set at 128.5 and -210 to score a touchdown, Vegas expects CMC to be the primary contributor on offense for the 49ers, no shock. If CMC can finish with 120 or so all-purpose yards and a score, he has a great chance to take down this award, barring a massive performance from Purdy. If he scores twice (+245), forget about it.

The Truth: Travis Kelce (+1200)

This is where I get to look like/sound like a real Swiftie, but at 12 to 1 I like Kelce here.  Even though he had a less productive season than we’re accustomed to, this is the postseason–and he’s a whole different animal here, even this old, smitten version of himself.  Obviously Mahomes is the betting favorite, but he hasn’t been putting up monster touchdown or passing yards numbers as of late.  I could see a scenario where Kelce catches maybe the only 2 TDs the Chiefs score, leads the team in catches and yards, and snags the trophy.  Would this make him some sort of Anti-Hero for people betting on Mahomes?  Possibly, but they’ll shake it off.

Who Will Score the First TD in 2024 Super Bowl?

Wolf: Christian McCaffrey (+400)

Although I like the Chiefs to win, I think Shanahan scripts an incredible opening series that gets capped off as it so often does: with a CMC plunge from the one-yard line. I LOVE parlaying this bet with “Shortest TD of Game O/U 1.5 Yards” (-175). My favorite Hail Marys for a little sprinkle, though, are Jerick McKinnon (+3500) and Noah Gray (+4500).

CJay: George Kittle (+1000)

When it comes to prime time and playoff games, I love betting the quarterback or tight end to score first. I’ll definitely sprinkle Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, but I’m rolling with George Kittle here. I had a Kittle anytime TD to close out a massive SGP on the NFC Championship game, so he owes me one. Plus, the Chiefs corners should put the clamps down on Brandon Aiyuk, meaning Kittle should be open in the seam and be targeted in the red zone.

Kayla Morton: Elijah Mitchell (+3500)

Postseason betting is weird. You see random players scoring that you likely scrolled over their odds and thought “yeah right.” Remember a few weeks ago when Detroit’s Craig Reynolds had one carry for one yard and one touchdown? Who bet the +3300 on that? Not me. 

So, picture this: McCaffrey is off to the races but is tackled inside the three-yard line. He is so gassed from the sprint that he’s pulled out for one play. Enter Mitchell, who gets rewarded for no work on the drive except for an easy score.

Keegs: Rashee Rice +850

With Pacheco’s recent surge and Kelce’s penchant for scoring TDs, it’s easy to forget that Rashee Rice led the Chiefs in red zone targets in 2023. 

Tunes: Deebo Samuel +800

San Fran will be pulling out all the stops.  Deebo will be involved in the passing game, considering he is one of the better 49ers against zone, and he will obviously be included in the running game.  There will be a lot of ways he could score the first TD.

Jimbo: George Kittle +1000

I love Kittle down in the red zone. With so much attention likely paid to McCaffrey, Samuel, and Aiyuk, don’t sleep on Kittle trying to keep up with all the Kelce love going on that day. (Sneaky, like throwing some on Mahomes +2200 for one of those goal-line scrambles).

MOH: CMC +400

After taking the Niners -2 and CMC for Super Bowl MVP, it’s only fitting to pick McCaffrey to score the first TD of the game. If the Niners are the first team into the red zone, CMC will get his opportunity without a doubt.

The Truth: Travis Kelce (+750)

I honestly didn’t think I’d be taking Kelce here, but I just like +750 more than the numbers for anyone else I consider a viable option.  CMC is tempting at +400, but I guess at the end of the day its so easy to envision the Chiefs scoring first and seeing Kelce be the guy that hits pay dirt first. Pacheco’s odds are similar but not quite as good. Let’s face it, it’s more fun pulling for a pass than a two yard run.

Favorite Super Bowl 58 Passing Props

Wolf: Mahomes UNDER 260.5 (-115) and UNDER 21.5 Fantasy Points (-140)

Mahomes has been over 260 just three times in his last 12 games, including once in his last 5 (and none this playoffs). Given that I believe the Chiefs win and will likely be playing either ahead, or in a close battle, I don’t expect Mahomes to break his recent under trend here. A big play could obviously change things, yet I don’t trust this pathetic Chiefs WRs corps to get deep on a decent SF secondary.

The odds aren’t as great on Mahomes’ DK Fantasy Points props, but I wanted to shout that one out too. He hasn’t hit 21.5+ FPs since Week 7, and achieved the feat just 3 times in 19 games (including playoffs) this year. He has been at 18.2, 18.5, and 15.8 DK FPs through three playoff contests. This one feels like a lock.

CJay: Brock Purdy Over 0.5 INT (-125) + Patrick Mahomes Over 0.5 INT (-115)

I was unable to throw this into an SGP on DraftKings, so I’ll scour around the legal MA books to find a place to secure this gem. The nerves will rise for Brock Purdy, while Patrick Mahomes’ receivers don’t have the surest hands in the league. Either way, both will be turning the ball over at least once on Sunday.

Kayla Morton: Mahomes Over 259.5 (-125)

My gut tells me San Francisco will eat clock, forcing Mahomes to throw more often as the game progresses. I don’t love the Chiefs’ receivers, but they made it this far. A few long plays here and there quickly add to passing yard totals, even if Kansas City is outgained in time of possession. 

Keegs: Patrick Mahomes Over 36.5 attempts (-115)

With a potential run-heavy script, this one makes me nervous, but Mahomes attempted 39 passes in the AFC Championship and may find himself trailing late in this one and needing to win the game with his arm. 

Tunes: Patrick Mahomes Longest Completion Over 35.5 (-120)

I think the Chiefs will be down, and Mahomes will need to pull out some magic late and will need a big play. 

Jimbo: Purdy o247.5 yards (-115)

He’s already gone over this mark in both playoff games and will likely be asked to shoulder a big responsibility in this game. He’s got the playmakers on offense to rack up the YAC and absolutely smash this number.

MOH: Mahomes u0.5 INT (-115)

Mahomes interception numbers have clearly been inflated by poor WR play throughout the year. Seven of Mahomes’ 14 interceptions have come on targets to Kadarius Toney, Skyy Moore, Justyn Ross, and Mecole Hardman. Don’t expect any of these guys to see regular playing time on Sunday. I expect a lot of work for Pacheco and a high percentage of throws to Rashee Rice and Travis Kelce.

The Truth: Mahomes U 260.5 yards passing (-115)

I actually like both of the QBs going under their passing numbers, but for Mahomes it really comes down to him not hitting this number very much at all recently and SF having a formidable defense.  I was also tempted to take the number of players to throw a pass at over 2.5 at +164 but decided to leave it alone. Now watch a non QB throw on like the first play of the game.

FAVORITE 2024 Super Bowl Rushing Prop(s)

Wolf: Isiah Pacheco O 65.5 (-120)

The 49ers have given up the rushing yard totals of 182 (Lions, 93 to Monty), 136 (Packers, 108 to AJones), and 102 (Ravens) across their last three real games, and rank just 21st in YPC allowed (4.3), 26th in yards after contact per attempt, and 19th in explosive run rate allowed. When the script calls for the run, the 49ers can be run upon, and I expect Pacheco to be leaned upon to nurse a lead in this game. He saw 24 carries last game and has netted 39 of the last 42 RB carries for the Chiefs.

The easy bet is just 65.5, but I’ll sprinkle in Pacheco for 2+ TDs (+475) and/or over 82.5 (+210). As a complete Hail Mary, I could see Jerick McKinnon has been a TD machine in clutch moments for the Chiefs, so a 2+ TD McKinnon sprinkle at +8000 isn’t the craziest stab at those odds.

CJay: Brock Purdy Over 12.5 rush yards (-125)

It’s typically Death, Taxes, and Patrick Mahomes’ over-rushing yards (26.5) in the playoffs. But this number was too juicy to pass up while I’m still locked into Mahomes’ over. Purdy is fresh off a five-carry, 48-yard rushing performance, and he also exceeded the 12.5 yards in their game against the Packers. He didn’t rush much during the season, only surpassing this number four times, but with the Chiefs secondary on lock and Chris Jones coming off the edge, look for Purdy to move the sticks with his legs. He could get there in one or two attempts.

Wolf Note: I LOVE Purdy Over 3.5 rush attempts to go with this — a number he’s topped in 4 of 5 playoff appearances.

Kayla Morton: Pacheco Over 67.5 (-125)

Between Pacheco and Tampa Bay’s Rachaad White, no one is showing as vast of improvement from last season to now. Kansas City also trusts and likes using Pacheco, showing that so far this postseason. 67.5 yards seems low to me – I think he could be in the 80s, even if forced to have a limited time of possession as a team.

Keegs: Pacheco o67.5 rush yards (-125)

Pacheco has been on a tear as of late and figures to factor heavily in KC’s game plan, especially against a San Francisco defense that’s been susceptible to big plays on the ground in these playoffs. 

Tunes: Deebo over 14.5 rush yards (-140)

Kyle Shanahan will be in his bag. I can not see a scenario where Deebo doesn’t get two or three carries.  The likelihood of him breaking one for a first down is high.

Jimbo: Patrick Mahomes longest rush over 12.5 yards (-120)

You just know there’s going to be a crucial third down the Chiefs need to have, and he’s gonna sit in the pocket with nobody open and then take off for 10+ to convert and then tack on an additional 5-10 because for some reason this pudgy Kermit the Frog is very elusive.

MOH: CMC Longest rush O17.5 (-130)

As I have alluded to throughout this article, I expect this game to be filled with opportunities for CMC to attack the Chiefs’ defense. CMC should take one of these carries for a long gain. McCaffrey ranked 4th among RBs (min 100 carries) in explosive run rate (carries 15+ yards). CMC has also cleared this line in 11 of 18 games this season. SF now faces a Chiefs defense that allows explosive runs at a top-10 rate and allowed a rush of 18+ yards in 14 of 20 games this season. With plenty of opportunities for McCaffrey, he should be able to break a big play.

The Truth: Deebo Samuel O 14.5 (-125)

This is one I can really see hitting but its also a lot of fun to bet because no one is more fun to root for than Deebo.  All he’d need is maybe 3 carries to get this one, and there’s a chance he takes one to the house or has some 30 yard run where he’s dragging a bunch of guys with him.  That chance alone is worth the price of admission.

FAVORITE 2024 Super Bowl Receiving Prop Bets

Wolf: Travis Kelce O 70.5 (-130)

The last time Kelce had fewer than 71 yards in a playoff game was 2019, and is fresh off an 11 catch, 116 yard, 1 TD monster showing vs. a stiff Ravens Def. After a disappointing 2023 as a whole, Kelce looks like he’s back to the phenom who’s been the NFL’s best receiving TE for the past decade. I love the DK Player Special of Kelce recording 50+ yards in both halves (+900) as a nice long-shot stab as well.

Wolf’s Other Receiving picks:

Marquez Valdes-Scantling is fresh off a season-high 98% route share and a game-clinching long-ball. I expect the momentum to roll forward, and plan to bet a variety of his props. Ranging from lowest odds to highest: MVS Longest Reception o13.5 (-130); MVS Player with Longest Reception in Game (+1000); MVS Player with First Rec of 20+ Yards (+1600)

Christian McCaffrey Player with First Rec of 20+ Yards (+1800) also feels like a great stab given his ability to break the long ball, and how damn good the 49ers are in the screen game.

CJay: Noah Gray Over 1.5 receptions (-110)

I was all over Noah Gray last year for anytime touchdown and his over 1.5 receptions, but he finished with a measly one reception for six yards. Per usual, I was a year early. Gray has seen nine targets over the last three games and saw five against the Ravens. Mahomes has Rice and Kelce but doesn’t trust his other pass-catchers. Expect two-plus check-downs for the team’s TE2.

Kayla Morton: Justin Watson Over 16.5 (-115).

Justin Watson is Kansas City’s deep threat (sorry, MVS). He may not be on the field for a majority of       snaps, but when Watson checks in, he’s often looked at as a plausible read. Because the Chiefs’ run game has improved with Pacheco, taking an extra defender out of the box to allow a formation simply to spy on Watson seems a little silly. But, leaving him one on one leaves the big-play potential a good possibility. Watson also doesn’t have to score to eclipse 16.5 yards.

Keegs: George Kittle o3.5 receptions (-150)

Kittle has been a safety valve for Brock Purdy since he took over at QB, and with so many other weapons that Kansas City has to be concerned about, Kittle will definitely be heavily targeted in the middle of the field. 

Tunes: CMC over 34.5 receiving yards (-115)

CMC has only been held to under 35 receiving yards once this season.  In the biggest game of the season stars shine. Baring injury this seems like a lock. 

Jimbo: McCaffrey longest reception over 13.5 yards (-125)

You’re telling me he’s not gonna take a screen pass and turn it into a big gain for 60 whole minutes? Yeah right.

MOH: Richie James Jr. longest reception U4.5 yards (-120)

Yes, this is gross, I know. However, Richie James has such a small role in this offense that I have to get a piece of this. James has been hovering around a 20 percent route participation throughout the playoffs and has yet to run double-digit routes in a single game. James has run 19 routes in three playoff games, resulting in three targets, one catch, and six yards. There is a great chance that James doesn’t see a target in this game, and that is essentially what we’re betting on. Even if he does see some looks, James has been primarily targeted on screens and quick passes, meaning this bet could still cash on a short catch.

The Truth: George Kittle O 47.5 (-130)

I don’t like the -130 number but I think it’ll fit and its not fun at all to bet unders on stuff like this.  Kittle has missed this number 7 times this year, but he missed it 4 times in the first 6 games of the season.  Since then he’s hit it 9 out of his last 12.  I think he gets it done.

Hail Mary Super Bowl 58 Bets


Wolf: TD Exacta – Christian McCaffrey 1st / Travis Kelce 2nd (+2000)

Last year, I hit the bet of a lifetime: a 3 TD exacta with Jalen Hurts, then Travis Kelce, then AJ Brown at a wild +20000.  Unfortunately, DK is limiting the exactas to just 2 TDs this year, but I’m following the same philosophy: the studs will be leaned upon early, so don’t overthink. The 49ers march down with a CMC cap off, followed by a dominant Kelce drive.

Note: if you can find 3 TD exactas, I love sprinkling in Aiyuk and/or Deebo as a third TD scorer for the next drive!

CJay: 49ers ML + Patrick Mahomes Anytime TD + George Kittle Anytime TD SGP (+1700)

I threw together a +1700 same-game parlay (SGP) for the article, which I will place a few sheckles on. If I’m already on Kittle first touchdown and like the thought of a Mahomes touchdown, this is the perfect mix of what I envision on Super Bowl Sunday.

Kayla Morton: Mahomes to Score a 1st Quarter Rush TD Yes (+1500)

I mainly like the +1500 here in what could be a low-scoring, defensive game where larger odds are fewer. Undoubtedly, the 49ers and Chiefs will be studying the play of Isiah Pacheco and Christian McCaffrey. However, we have seen Mahomes use his legs a lot on broken plays – and any semi-open shot to the end zone makes me think Mahomes will “make a play with his legs,” as Jim Nantz says, and scamper in hopes of winning another ring.

Keegs: Kyle Juszczyk First TD +4000

I went KC for my first TD pick, but if San Francisco is the first to find the end zone, I think there’s value on Juszczyk. He’s not a guy who scores — or even touches the ball — a whole lot, but he had 1 carry and 2 catches on 3 targets against Detroit, and generally finds himself on the field in the red zone. 

Tunes: Noah Gray first TD scored (+4000)

Everyone’s eyes should be on Kelce for their first drive.  Sometimes throwing the curveball is the easiest way to score. With a big body, good hands, and probably being covered by a linebacker this could pay off nicely. 

Jimbo: Mahomes first TD Scorer (+2200)

Andy Reid and the Chiefs like to get all cute down at the goal line. Mahomes has done it before, there’s a decent chance he scrambles in another to start the game.

MOH: MVS (+1000) and Justin Watson (+1500) to have the longest reception of the game

These are two bets in the same market but both lines are interesting so I included both. MVS and Watson are the Chiefs’ deep-threat, man coverage beaters. If the Niners get caught sleeping in man or if the Chiefs need a big play late, these two guys will be the ones running the vertical routes for KC.


Wolf – Two Minutes: Chiefs to be behind & win in the final two minutes (+1300)

Since I’ve played it safe on some of these bets (Mahomes MVP; CMC First TD), I wanted to toss out another Hail Mary. Not only do the Chiefs win, but they do it dramatically: a final scoring drive led by Mahomes. This game carries a “last team with the ball wins” type of aura, and I have a feeling Mahomes will pull out some heroics here… and provide you with a massive payday.

Other Wolf Bonus Game Props:

A less bold bonus that I feel great about: Jake Moody to miss a FG (+210). Kid has the YIPS! I’ve only found that on Fanduel as of now, but it makes a great pairing with the bet below mine…

Somehow, on Most Team Combined Rec + Rush Yards, the 49ers have better odds (-105) than the Chiefs (-115), despite a way more stacked cast of players. I will hammer that one hard.

CJay: Any Kick to Hit the Uprights? Yes (+800)

This one is always fun. It happened last year when Harrison Butker DOINKED the left upright. It also happened in Super Bowl LI when Stephen Gostkowski smashed the right upright against the Falcons.

Let’s go for back-to-back doinks.

Kayla Morton: Will There Be a Pick 6? Yes (+500)

Take the first two rounds of this season’s playoffs – interceptions returned for touchdowns were at a premium. In the Wild Card alone, two teams had two! Nerves and big plays win Super Bowls one way or another.

Keegs: Will There Be Overtime: Yes (+1200)

As the spread indicates, this should be a very close game, and both conference championships were a few bounces away from OT. It’s only happened once before in a Super Bowl, but I like this one a lot at 12/1. 

Tunes: Will There Be a Pick 6? Yes (+ 500)

With top defenses and high-powered offenses there is a high likelihood that this happens and could be the deciding factor of the game. 

Jimbo: Scorigami: Yes (+2000)

It’s been a weird year, why not have a weird score to go with it.

MOH: Second Half U23.5 (-105)

Betting the Chiefs’ second half under is basically a law at this point. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is the king of second-half adjustments, resulting in the second-half under hitting in 18 of 20 KC games this season. With such results, you just have to take the bet without asking questions.

The Truth: Each team to score at least 1 TD and at least 1 FG in each half (+1000)

I could see it. It’s 10 to 1.  Let’s go. 23-20 Chiefs would make me look super smart.


Wolf: Usher First Song = Yeah (+350)

Although not on Draftkings or Fanduel, BetMGM offers some fun Halftime Show props. I love going after the first-song, and Yeah feels like a classic opener. Upbeat, easy for the crowd to chant, and captures the energy of the big game, plus some solid odds?! YEAH!

CJay: National Anthem Over 86.5 seconds (Offshore)

I cheated and had to swim offshore for this line because legal sports betting websites like DraftKings and FanDuel do not offer this action in all states. However, with country legend Reba McEntire belting out the anthem this year, books have put this number at a record-low 86.5 seconds. For comparison, Chris Stapleton hit 122 seconds last year, and it’s gone over two minutes in eight of the last 11 Super Bowls.

McEntire sang the National Anthem at the ’97 World Series and finished in 83 seconds. But this is the Super Bowl and the past experience should allow her to soak in the moment a bit more and eclipse the over there. Pound it if you got it.

Kayla Morton: Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” Bet: KC Chiefs to Trail in the 4th Quarter and Win the Game (+500)

Doesn’t a fourth quarter comeback involving Mahomes and Kelce for a game-winning score and a pan to Brittany and Taylor just make sense for the media to capitalize on for a fairytale Swiftie ending? 

Keegs: Coin Toss: Tails +100

Tails never fails. What more explanation do you need? 

Jimbo: Halftime first song – Love in This Club +600

It’s a solid song that ties in with the Vegas vibe. Dart throw

MOH: Coin Toss: Heads (+100)

I was hunting on DraftKings all week to lock in a bet in case this line shifted, but I’m glad I got it at a fair price.

The Truth: U 86.5 seconds on the anthem

This is partly just to go against CJay. I thought this was a lock when they announced Reba for the job, but wow this time is low. I’m still going with my original pick, but I guess with the time this low I won’t be totally shocked if I lose.


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