2023 Dynasty Fantasy Football Trade Value Chart: Wide Receivers (December 2022 Edition)

It's time to build for next season.

This 2022 dynasty fantasy football trade value chart looks different than other trade charts you’re used to seeing. Most other analysts take their dynasty rankings, apply arbitrary numbers to each player based on rank order, and call it a day.

I tried to make this chart more valuable by providing context. Explanations for each column can be found at the bottom of the page.

All values are based on a 12-team Superflex league with 10 starters and full-PPR scoring without TE premium. All draft pick values are assumed to be 2023 picks. Click the links below to see the values for other positions.

QB | RB | WR | TE


Trade Value Tier

This column provides the rough market value for each player in terms of draft capital. Players and picks can be combined to create fair offers. For example, a player worth three first-round picks would be roughly equivalent to a player worth two first-round picks, plus a different player worth one first-round pick.


This column contains my dynasty rankings by position. I recommend focusing more on the trade value tier than the rank column. Players within the same tier are very similar, and I would usually like to trade players at the top of a tier for a lower-ranked player in the same tier if I can get draft picks or other assets on top. The rankings take market value into account.


This column is based on all 2022 games through Week 14. In the offseason, I will update the values to include the rest of the season and the NFL playoffs.

XFP (Expected Fantasy Points)

This column contains data from the same games through Week 14 of 2022.

XFP calculates the value of each target and rushing attempt based on the distance to the end zone and air yards. These historical data attributes correlate highly with fantasy points per game (PPR scoring).

For more information on Expected Fantasy Points and to utilize our XFP data tool, click the link below:



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