NFL Week 11 Fantasy Football Trade Value Chart (2022)

Bolster your team before your league's trade deadline.

I used a value-based drafting Excel tool to create the preseason values for this Fantasy Football Trade Value Chart. The tool uses the FantasyPros consensus projections to assign values based on a 12-team, full PPR league.

At the beginning of the season, I can calculate trade values via the same method I used to determine auction prices. The values in the chart don’t perfectly correlate to auction prices. I have made changes based on the FantasyPros ECR, results from the season so far, The Wolf’s Rest of Season Rankings, and my expected fantasy points analysis (available every Wednesday). But for the most part, the below values should closely reflect consensus rankings.

Even if you play in a snake draft league, using auction values as an initial baseline yields more accurate trade values during the season. Jeff Henderson’s Fantasy WAR is a fantastic metric that can also be helpful to keep in mind when negotiating trades.

For more information on how to make successful deals, check out my strategies for negotiating trades.



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