The Betting Den: NFL Week 10 Best Bets & Player Props to Hammer

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The Betting Den is back to preview their favorite NFL Week 10 best bets and player props! From player props to straight bets and parlays, the Betting Den has got you covered. Ethan provides the straight bets and parlays, while Misha makes all of the player props picks. Last week, Ethan week 3-0 in Primetime to move to 19-7 in Primetime games on the season. Misha went 11-7 to secure four consecutive positive weeks.

The Betting Den is live on the Roto Street YouTube channel every Wednesday at 5 pm EST to give an in-depth breakdown of their weekly picks.

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Betting Den Podcast: NFL Week 10 BEST Bets & Player Props to HAMMER (S1: E10)

Straight Bets (Last Week: 4-2, Primetime: 18-9)


  1. Panthers +3.5 vs. Falcons (33% of public)

Sunday Main Slate

  1. Seahawks +3.5 vs. Buccaneers in Germany (60% of public)
    1. The Bucs’ win last week was a fluke, it was more of a Rams loss than a Buccaneers win
    2. Tom Brady is 1-0 as a divorced man
    3. Seattle is somehow going to win the NFC West
  2. Scary Selection: Vikings +5.5 @ Bills (68% of public)
    1. Minnesota has figured out how to win
    2. I’m not as high on Buffalo as everyone else
    3. Josh Allen may not play but I’m taking this regardless 
  3. Titans -2.5 vs. Broncos (63% of public)
    1. Derek Henry is the most unstoppable player in the NFL. He single-handedly keeps the Titans in football games
    2. The Broncos are not good and Russell Wilson might be washed


  1. Hammer Play: 49ers -6.5 vs. Chargers (46% of public)
    1. The 49ers’ offense is loaded with playmakers — can the depleted Chargers keep up?
    2. The Chargers aren’t as explosive as we thought they’d be
    3. Josh Palmer is the likely WR1 for this game — Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler can’t do it alone


  1. Eagles -10.5 vs. Commanders (29% of public)
    1. Somehow the public is fading the 8-0 Eagles. The Commanders are non-competitive in their division and will not make the playoffs. 
    2. Jalen Hurts is playing elite football.


  1. Easy Money Lay: 49ers ML + Titans ML + Eagles ML (-158)
  1. Hungry Dogs Lay: Seahawks ML + Vikings ML + Colts ML (+1778)


  1. Lions at Bears over 19.5 1H, each team over 16.5 points (-115)
  2. Titans +7.5 vs. Broncos, under 47.5 (-175)
  3. Giants ML vs. Texans, under 50.5 (-105)

Player Props (Last Week: 11-7, YTD: 65-61)

Passing Yards

  1. Tom Brady o275.5 passing yards
    1. Brady has hit his passing yards over three consecutive games and has thrown the ball 49, 44, and 58 times in those three games. The offense looks ugly but if Brady is throwing 40+ times, he can exceed 275 yards in his sleep.
    2. Averaging 283 ypg
    3. Finally won a game against the Rams, but the offense looked bad yet again. Hopefully, last week’s game-winning drive can jumpstart the offense a bit. 
    4. PFF has him projected at 314.1 yards, the top QB in the NFL this week
  2. Matthew Stafford o245.5 passing yards
    1. An important bounce-back spot for the reeling Rams against a weak Cardinals defense (Kliff is going to be fired soon). 
    2. Averaging 241 ypg, and had 240+ yards in the first six weeks, but has less than 200 yards in the prior two games. 
    3. Coming off a brutal loss to the Bucs, Stafford and the Rams desperately need this win at home. With their backs against the wall, I see the Rams/Stafford finding their footing against the terrible Cardinals.
    4. PFF has him projected at 285.8
  3. Justin Fields o165.5 passing yards
    1. Justin Fields has turned a corner the past couple of weeks and DET has a terrible pass defense
    2. Averaging 146.7 yards p/g
    3. After hitting this over weeks 4-7, he’s missed it the past two weeks while running the ball more. The added threat of his rushing ability should open up some passing lanes against the Lions… and Fields wants to show his throwing ability is on par with his rushing. 
    4. PFF has him projected at 205.7 yards
  4. Scary Selection Parlay: Marcus Mariota o158.5 + PJ Walker o175.5 passing yards
    1. Both of these guys returned back to Earth last week and missed their passing yards over, but in Week 8 they played an absolute OT thriller. 
    2. Mariota averages 173.4 ypg, Walker has 177 and 317 yards in games he’s played from start to finish
    3. Both of these quarterbacks looked mortal last week (Walker even got benched) but looked excellent in Week 8. Both of these defenses are bad and these teams play with a lot of heart. I think this game will be more interesting than the public thinks
    4. PFF projects Mariota at 244 yards and Walker at 249.6 yards.

Rushing Yards

  1. Hammer Play: Saquon Barkley o90.5 rushing yards
    1. Playing the Texans who get torched by every running back and funnel opposing backs into a positive game script 
    2. Averaging 97.4 ypg
    3. Giants and Saquon should be rested off the bye and reading to run over the Texans
    4. PFF has Saquon projected at 78.2 yards
  2. Christian McCaffrey o75.5 rushing yards
    1. Playing the Chargers who let the Falcons run all over them last week
    2. Averaging 65.6 ypg (six of those games were with CAR so take that with a grain of salt)
    3. Had 94 yards against the Rams in his first game as SF starter and now is rested coming off the bye
    4. PFF projects CMC at 80.9 yards

Receiving Yards

  1. George Kittle o45.5 receiving yards
    1. Charger’s defense struggles against tight ends and 49ers coming off the bye
    2. Averaging 53.2 ypg
    3. Deebo is likely out again and Kittle has been playing well after being injured early in the season
    4. PFF has Kittle at 58.3 yards
  2. Mike Evans o67.5 receiving yards
    1. Seahawks have a solid defense but Evans is still getting peppered with targets (15, 11, and 11 targets last three games). 
    2. Averaging 77.1 yards p/g
    3. He and Brady have struggled to get on the same page but he’s still his top target and the targets will continue
    4. PFF projects Evans at 85.2 yards
  3. Kyle Pitts o38.5 receiving yards
    1. Kyle Pitts had his best game against the Panthers two weeks ago, these guys can’t guard him
    2. Busted last week but had 150+ air yards on seven targets
    3. Arthur Smith finally woke up and decided to utilize Kyle Pitts somewhat correctly, so if Pitts can convert on the targets, he’ll get the over. 
    4. PFF projects Pitts at 61.8 yards
  4. Gabe Davis o53.5 receiving yards
    1. Vikings’ defense is middle of the road and the Bills offense can mash anybody
    2. Averaging 64.4 ypg
    3. Davis put up duds the last two weeks, only catching four passes on 11 targets, if he can catch his usual four to five passes on seven targets, he will bounce back this week
    4. PFF projects Davis at 71.3 yards

TD Scorers

  1. Cooper Kupp 
    1. The weekly lock is back (if Stafford plays) 
  2. Saquon Barkley
    1. Texans get run over by everyone
    2. Barkley is fresh coming off the bye, he’s finding the endzone this week
  3. Travis Kelce
    1. Kelce Hasn’t scored in three weeks since scoring four times in one game. Kelce is getting too much volume to not accidentally break one or have Reid script him an easy TD in the redzone.
  4. Jamaal Williams
    1. Swift still isn’t healthy and Williams is the goal-line back anyways. He had 24 carries last week and didn’t score. I like him to get back in the endzone against a terrible Bears defense.
  5. Shootout Parlay: Travis Kelce + Travis Etienne anytime touchdowns
    1. Etienne has touchdowns in three straight games since taking over as the starter and the Chiefs defense is weak against RBs
    2. Kelce gets too much volume to not see the end zone in four straight games

To Throw An INT

  1. Kenny Pickett
    1. He’s a turnover machine with eight interceptions in five weeks

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