Latest Super Bowl LVII Futures Update

NFL trade deadline day has now been and gone and, although it never really has a big impact
on the rest of the season, it did get us thinking about who is going to win the Super Bowl.

The current football season has been anything but predictable and it might seem a little
premature to have a bet on the Super Bowl. But now could be ideal thanks to the way that the
odds have been changing in the last few weeks – and the fact that we are now halfway through
the season. So here are some of the Super Bowl futures prices that we do – and don’t – like the
look of.

Buffalo Bills +258

Let’s get this one out of the way immediately then. The Bills are playing as though they are the
best team in the league and the Super Bowl is considered Buffalo’s to lose by many. They were
the favorites at the beginning of the season and nothing has changed after eight weeks. We’re not a huge fan of these odds though. If you wanted to put a bet on Josh Allen leading the Bills to a well-deserved Super Bowl championship, you really should have done it by now. If you are looking to make some money, it might be better to chance it somewhere else.

Philadelphia Eagles +490

How about those Eagles then? The only undefeated team going into week nine of the season – and only the second in franchise history to go 7-0 – Philly has really come good this year. With the Phillies making it to the World Series as well, maybe 2022-23 is the year for the city of brotherly love?

The surprising strength of the NFC East may be the only reason not to completely jump on the Eagles bandwagon. But, if anything, that only makes the odds even more attractive. With one of the easiest remaining schedules in the league, home-field advantage in the playoffs looks almost assured.

Minnesota Vikings +1550

But there is another team in the NFC that is pushing for that sweet home field advantage. The Vikings are one of those teams who always look like they might just about make the playoffs but never really do anything of note. This year has been different though – and there is a confident feeling in the north.

Most of Minnesota’s wins have come within a single score and that tells us one of two things. Either the Vikes know how to grind a win out, or they are lucky to be 6-1. We’re going with the former and like the look of those odds that suggest that the sportsbooks think Philly will reign in the NFC.

There is still some good value in the Super Bowl markets

Kansas City Chiefs +640

Patrick Mahomes’ thunder has been stolen somewhat by the steady rise of the Buffalo Bills over the last few years. Everyone is looking at Josh Allen and Buffalo now and almost forgetting what an incredible talent the Chiefs QB is. He is the king of comeback wins and that could prove crucial in the playoffs.

What is more worrying is that Kansas City has already lost two games. With the Bills looking like they might go on an undefeated streak now, that might leave the Chiefs in a worse position. Going on the road to Buffalo in the winter is no joke and these odds don’t tempt us enough to back even the talent of Mahomes.

Tennessee Titans +4200

We thought we would include a long shot into the mix and then saw that the Titans already had quite long odds to win Super Bowl LVII. Since losing the AFC Championship game to the Chiefs in 2019, there have been just two losses in the postseason – both in seasons when the Titans won the AFC South.

Another divisional title looks likely and the rest of the schedule doesn’t look too demanding either. Games against the Chiefs and the Eagles will be crucial but Tennessee could arrive in the postseason under the radar. We have to repeat that this is a long shot. But if Derrick Henry stays injury-free, it is one that is very tempting to take.


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