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Alvin Kamara Fantasy Outlook Falls as ‘Change-of-Pace Back’ with Taysom Hill at QB

It’s been hard enough the past couple of years watching Taysom Hill come in and vulture touchdowns on such limited touches, mainly at the expense of Alvin Kamara. Little did we know just how much of a buzzkill some full-time Taysom could be to Kamara’s fantasy owners.

Kamara went his first career game without a catch in Hill’s first start versus the Falcons in week 11. As an encore, Kamara lost primary carrying duties this past Sunday against the basically QB-less Broncos. In the 31-3 COVID protocol lesson-teacher disguised as a game, the evidence doesn’t suggest that Latavius Murray out-carried Kamara 19-to-11 simply because Saints coach Sean Payton wanted to ease his starters’ workload in a blowout win.


Throughout the entire game against Denver, Murray saw the early-down work, as well as out-touching Alvin six-to-one in the red zone. Unsurprisingly then, Murray garnered two scores, with none for Kamara.

Fantasy sports demands that you don’t become too big of fans of players for the sake of not sacrificing your own success. But damn, is it hard to think of such a previously elite force as Kamara in the same way, now, as a change-of-pace guy, the annoying second back in a committee that cock-blocks a true workhorse from emerging. But, here we are.

Potential For Change

Taysom Hill hasn’t yet started a game where the opposing offense has scored double digits. One of those teams, the Falcons, meet the Saints again in week 13 where perhaps Matt Ryan and company can figure out a way to change that. In which case, a negative game script may cause Kamara to see more than two targets in a game with Hill under center.

Otherwise, Murray might have to go cold in the running game for Kamara to see more ground volume. Or, maybe Hill and Kamara are still building general chemistry in the passing game that will gradually increase as the team awaits Drew Brees’ return.

All things considered, Alvin’s floor has dipped into RB3 (puke) territory. New Orleans’ previous meeting with Atlanta will likely provide a backdrop as The Wolf updates Kamara and others on our Rest of Season Big Board and Rankings. Tune in for that every Monday evening and more throughout the week on Facebook, Youtube, or Periscope.


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