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Updated 5/1 to reflect post NFL Draft news and pressers


For the first-time ever, The Wolf debuts his 2020 Fantasy Football Rookie Big Board and Rankings for fantasy start ups and dynasty leagues. Note: if you are here for Redraft 2020 Fantasy Football Rankings, click here.

Although the Roto Street Journal is predominantly focused on redraft leagues, we are well aware of the skyrocketing popularity of Dynasty and Start Up formats. As such, we wanted to offer a fresh, new perspective on the field.

I'll openly admit: I don't play a ton of dynasty fantasy myself. You can certainly find more experienced dynasty-leaguers out there.

HOWEVER: I also think my "inexperience" will make my rankings unique, and at least give you some different fantasy food to chew on than a typical list. I am completely unbiased and uninfluenced, with these 2020 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings 100% my own, pure thoughts. 

This is my first time ever making rookie rankings. I would LOVE feedback on where I am insane and completely off. Sound off @ RotoStreetWolf.

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Josh Allen is Fantasy Football’s Next Great ‘Konami Code’ QB
Over the last two seasons, Josh Allen has put up a bell-cow like, 17 rushing touchdowns.
James Conner: 2020 Fantasy Bounceback, Remains “Featured Runner”
James Conner drips in injury risk. He also drips in Top-Five fantasy upside after being gifted Mike Tomlin's invaluable lead RB role that'll force feed him for as long as he lasts.
Carson Wentz: Huge 2020 Fantasy Riser with Revamped WR Corps
Carson Wentz consistently chugged out QB1 stats in 2019 with arguably the worst WRs in the league. With a souped up weapons cabinet, he could reach the MVP Levels of 2017.
Leonard Fournette is The Easy Fantasy Fade of 2020
Leonard Fournette's 2019 RB7 fantasy finish was entirely volume dependent. His workload, especially as a receiver, is in severe 2020 doubt.
Jonathan Taylor: The Colts Future (and Present) Fantasy Workhorse
Jonathan Taylor defines thoroughbred workhorse, and is in the perfect offense to run wild -- both now and especially in the future
Dolphins Acquire Matt Breida, Now Unshackled From 49ers Fantasy Hell
In a contract year, Matt Breida will finally be able to put on a fantasy show on South Beach.


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