Antonio Brown has Disgusting Feet, Might Retire Because of a Helmet and Won't Talk to the Raiders - Roto Street Journal
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Antonio Brown has Disgusting Feet, Might Retire Because of a Helmet and Won’t Talk to the Raiders

Remember when Antonio Brown was a little sixth round grinder from a MAC school who just put his nose in the playbook and worked hard to become the league’s best wide receiver? It seems like ages ago. With a week full of drama, Brown has forced us to knock him down our rankings a bit in our next update. Is he using these issues as an excuse to not play for the shitty Raiders? Is he going to demand another trade? Does he just not care about football anymore? Who the hell knows at this point.

Just over the past few days, the diva receiver was featured on HBO’s HardKnocks, where he was the main focal point without stepping foot on the field during a competitive practice. It’s not necessarily his fault, as the cameras want to gravitate towards one of the NFL’s elite on a team full of non-elites. However, since the premiere, Brown has been away from the team due to his inability to wear socks in a -275 degree Cryogenic Chamber mishap and then on Friday it came to light that he’s filed a helmet grievance towards the league and will retire if he’s now allowed to wear his old helmet style — which is now banned from the league.

It seems like it’s pretty doable for the league and Brown to come to some sort of an agreement. But, until his hideous feet are fixed and he’s dawning the necessary silver and black helmet, he’s going to continue to tumble down our 2019 Rankings.

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