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N’Keal Harry: Trained With Tom Brady, Mentored by Julian Edelman and Lining up Everywhere

It’s not easy being a new receiver on the Patriots. Just look at the list of failed draft picks or free agents who never grasped the offense or got iced out by Tom Brady and were never able to recover. The offense is based on precise route-running and perfect timing, making it vital to be on the exact same page as Brady. It’s still early, but it looks like N’Keal Harry is on his way to break that trend. First, he was invited to Tom Brady’s secret workouts with Julian Edelman, then Edelman took him under his wing to mentor him throughout camp. With 160 vacated targets and over 1,700 available air yards, Brady and Edelman know the importance of Harry making an immediate impact, and they’re doing their best to make it happen. 

Sure, all of that looks great on and off the field. However, Josh McDaniels is already throwing the kitchen sink at the rookie by lining him up all over the formation. Not to mention he’s been getting a lot of Stephon Gilmore in coverage — which cooled down the rookie’s hot start to camp.

“He’s a good dude. I’m just trying to focus on my technique. If I see something, I’ll tell him,” said Gilmore. “Other than that, I feel like he’s got the right coaches to help him become a great player. He keeps competing. He’s mad if he drops a pass. He’s mad when he messes up. When you see stuff like that, he shows you he really cares that he wants to be a great player.”

We have Harry ranked as our WR32, which is +13 vs the ECR.

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