Training Camp Burning Questions & Josh Gordon, SEA Backfield, Early Round Drafting (FFBDPod 25)

Find out the storylines you MUST monitor this Training Camp, and catch up on Josh Gordon's situation plus much more now.

FFBDPod 25:
Training Camp Burning Questions 

Josh Gordon, SEA Backfield, Early Round Drafting

Training Camp Burning Questions 

The most glorious time of the year has arrived: Training Camp, aka Fantasy Prep Season!

Though many fantasy values are set, plenty of Burning Questions need answers that’ll dramatically alter The Fantasy Landscape. From Backfield Battles, to Target Totem Poles to every health and new fit question mark in between, we dive into The Wolf’s Top Five Burning Questions, outlining:

  1. A) The Teams and their Burning Questions
  2. B) Why Fantasy Owners need to know these answers
  3. C) What we already know about the situation
  4. C) Predictions on how the situations will unfold

In the process, we visit New England to dive into the crowded backfield and unclear wideout situation of this consistent juggernaut.

We then travel to Tennessee, where Matt LaFleur is insistent on “marrying the run / pass games” and has two talented backs to do just this — but an unclear workload distribution remains.

Our next stop’s all over the map, where we breakdown Rookie RBs who remain behind less inspiring incumbents, but could easily ascend. From Royce Freeman‘s outlook in Denver, to Rashaad Penny‘s shot at a workhorse role, to Kerryon Johnson‘s place in a four-headed committee, and Ronald Jones’ expected work in Tampa Bay, tons of Backfield Battles linger that need solving.

Afterwards, we do a roundtable on crucial QB Health Issues, diving into Deshaun Watson, Andrew Luck, and Carson Wentz. We break down when they’re expected back, and the major impact all have on their offenses.

Last but not least is our apparently new favorite squad and the star of Hard Knocks — the Cleveland Browns. This squad team is loaded with questions, which will make the HBO Special not only entertaining, but crucial to monitor. From QB and RB battles, to major WR question marks, there’s tons of uncertainty with major implications here.

Plus, with Training Camps kicking off, news has been pouring in — none bigger than Josh Gordon‘s absence from camp. We dig into the Fantasy Implications of this, as well as notes on:

  • Leonard Fournette‘s weight loss
  • Mitch Trubisky’s early camp performance
  • Chris Carson and the Seattle RB Depth Chart
  • Jordan Howard and his hands
  • LeSean McCoy‘s latest

Clearly, this Episode is absolutely brimming with information, so don’t enter Training Camp without this enormous refresher and primer — it’s a true can’t miss.


  • How to approach the Josh Gordon situation, and what it means for Jarvis Landry moving forward

  • Why Leonard Fournette’s weight loss should not be dismissed as puff pieces, and what shedding pounds has done for past RBs (esp. in the pass game) 

  • What Chris Carson has done this offseason, and what it means for this entire backfield 

  • How Jordan Howard’s pass-game improvement could lead to a truer workhorse role

  • If LeSean McCoy’s value should change based on him reporting to camp

  • Why the Patriots Backfield is a must monitor situation, even if clouded in unpredictability (and why Rex Burkhead remains one of the greatest steals in all of fantasy)

  • How work might be distributed between Derrick Henry and Dion Lewis, and why this backfield can be the rare committee that truly works 

  • How the RB depth charts in Denver, Seattle, Cleveland, Tampa Bay and Detroit could shake out with exciting rookies nipping at the heels of boring incumbents

  • Where Deshaun Watson, Andrew Luck, and Carson Wentz all stand in their recoveries, and what to expect in 2018

  • Why the battles in Cleveland — both at QB and RB — are crucial fantasy storylines, and how we feel both will play out


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