Two “Bad” Offenses Set to Explode + Bell, Shady, GB Backfield (FFBDPod 24)

Huge Fantasy values emerge on teams that undergo humongous offensive turnarounds, and we predict two teams set to explode after awful 2017's.

FFBDPod 24:
Two “Bad” Offenses Set to Explode + 
Bell, Shady, GB Backfield

Two “Bad” Offenses About to Explode

Every season huge fantasy values emerge because an entire offense takes a massive leap forward — look no further than the 2017 Rams, who went from last in scoring all the way to first. Todd Gurley became a Fantasy MVP in the process, while Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp were undrafted WRs who became quality season-long starters.

After tons of exciting play-caller movement, 2018 is littered with teams who could be this year’s Rams. Our two favorites?

The Bears (29th in scoring last season) and Browns(32nd).

Though both Matt Nagy and Todd Haley were covered in our Coaching Carousel Episode (FFBDPod 22), we go in far greater depth for both offenses here. Find out why Tyrod Taylor and Mitch Trubisky are two of the top late-round QBs in the game, why both Browns’ WRs make excellent fantasy values, how the Bears backfield will take the league by storm, and so much more as we dive into each and every relevant player on both teams.

Plus, with Training Camp on the horizon, the news has been fast and furious. Thus we check in on our Stock Watch, for updates on:

— Le’Veon Bell’s potential holdout
— LeSean McCoy’s disturbing situation
— The Green Bay Backfield Mystery

Plus emerging penny stocks like

— DJ Moore and the (meh) upside of being Carolina’s Top WR

— A creature named Blaine Jarwin that might lead Dallas in receiving TDs

This episode is completely loaded… and with many drafts a mere month away, you can’t afford to miss any of it.


  • What does Le’Veon Bell‘s potential holdout means for his 2018 value?

  • Why LeSean McCoy is essentially undraftable right now, and what to make of this whole disturbing situation

  • What Aaron Jones‘ suspension means for this mystery backfield and his own value, plus how high Jamaal Williams and (to a lesser extent) Ty Montgomery now belong

  • Why a TE creature named Blaine Jarwin could top Dallas in receiving TDs… seriously

  • How Panthers WR DJ Moore has looked since joining the team, and what his value could be as the Panthers potential Top WR

  • Why Todd Haley and some insane offensive additions give the Browns upside to be a Top 10 Scoring offense

  • How Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry are both very real threats to top 1,000 yards

  • Why Tyrod Taylor may be the best value in Fantasy Football right now, especially at QB

  • What to make out of the Cleveland backfield quagmire

  • How Mitch Trubisky will fare under new HC Matt Nagy, and the benefits to having a former player calling plays

  •  Why Jordan Howard is not nearly as unsexy as he may appear… and his enormous TD upside

  • (for the 1,000th time) Why Tarik Cohen is set to be properly utilized, and explode, under Nagy

  • What to make of the Bears pass-catchers  — and why Taylor Gabriel and Anthony Miller might be the most intriguing guys considering the prices

  • Why Trey Burton‘s ceiling is very high… but ultimately capped


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