Grading Grudges: Tearing The Wolf’s 2018 Fantasy Football Stock Scores to Shred (FFBDPod 20)

We welcome an experts roundtable to tear The Wolf's player grades to shreds.

FFBDPod 20:
Grading Grudges: 
Tearing The Wolf’s 2018 Fantasy Football Stock Scores to Shreds

Ultimate Free Agency Breakdown:

Last week in Episode 19, we revealed The Fantasy Stock Formula. The Wolf uses this to grade every single one of our Top 100 players, and the system is truly the backbone to our rankings and analysis — making this a must-listen if you’re a FFBPod and/or Roto Street fan.

One Episode later, we dive in even deeper to The Wolf’s 2018 Player Grades by welcoming on three Roto Street Expert Mainstays: CJay, JimboSlice, and, making his FFBDPod debut from Indianapolis, Roto Joe. All three come at The Wolf hard, asking demanding questions ranging from JuJu Smith Schuster‘s Top-12 WR grade, to Cam Meredith‘s aggressive Top-75 overall status, to one of the most difficult tiers of Upside RB2s to sort through this season.

This Episode is loaded with a variety of fire takes all over the fantasy map, while including an inside look at our system. Simply put, we’ve gone back-to-back on the can’t miss audio.


  • Why JuJu Smith-Schuster is grading as a Top-12 WR, and why Joe doesn’t buy it

  • Why Cam Meredith is one of the top “Penny Stocks” in 2018, even if the Saints remain run-heavy despite Mark Ingram’s suspension

  • Is Kelvin Benjamin actually too low with massive volume coming his way… even if everything around him stinks?

  • Why Joe thinks the Patriots WRs are severely underappreciated here (pre-Edelman’s suspension, though still highly relevant)

  • How Derrick Henry compares to a host of other upside RB2s

  • Why isn’t Antonio Brown a perfect 100?

  • Is Pat Mahomes way too high… and Tom Brady way too low?


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