Free Agency Fantasy Football Fallout: Broncos gets their QB in Case Keenum

Case Keenum lands in Denver, but the move helps others and not himself.

The Broncos missed out on the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes and found the next best option with former Vikings QB, Case Keenum. The Broncos will still be in the market for a franchise quarterback, as they signed the signal-caller to a 2-year, $36-million bridge deal.

Fresh off an NFC Championship Game appearance, Keenum was essentially moved on from in Minnesota as he will plan to sign with the Denver Broncos. Keenum lead a markable run for the Vikings seemingly out of nowhere after starter Sam Bradford went down with an injury. Keenum previously spent time with the Houston Texans under Gary Kubiak, and then started for some time in St Louis with the Rams under Jeff Fisher. Keenum can now return to Kubiak in Denver, where the two have familiarity with one another.

Keenum went 11-3 in his time as Minnesota’s starting QB with a 67.6 % completion percentage for 22 scores and only 7 interceptions. Looking at the Broncos quarterbacks last year, they combined for 19 touchdowns and 22 interceptions, which is LOL bad. Denver likely wanted a QB who can take care of the ball while putting them in position to win games. That’s exactly what Keenum is. You might be able to question his talents or skill, but the guy wins games and is a very good QB.

Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders fantasy-relevant again?

Now from a fantasy standpoint, Keenum’s value doesn’t change all that much going forward. The biggest beneficiaries are receivers Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Those two have been stuck with a carousel of shit QBs ever since Peyton Manning hung them up and retired. Now they get a guy capable of moving the ball downfield, and getting his receivers the ball on a consistent basis. Adam Theilen had a career season with Keenum at the helm, and Stefon Diggs had another very good year with eight touchdown receptions.

Keenum falls back into QB2 territory

While those two receivers go up, Keenum himself gets pushed down the QB ranks. The overall talent in Minnesota is better than it is in Denver. Both Thomas and Sanders have seen their numbers decline each year over the course of the last four seasons. Their downward trajectory is completely opposite of the rapid ascension the Vikings receivers are currently on. On top of that, the Vikings receiving core is much younger than the Broncos core.

There’s also the question of Denver’s backfield that’s still up in the air. CJ Anderson hasn’t lived up to the breakout performance he had late in the 2014 season. The Broncos won’t be releasing Anderson at this time, but they are looking at potential trades for the RB, leaving the backfield at the moment to Devontae Booker. The team could look to add a RB in the draft, but the pair of Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray offers more security and production.

Lastly, one thing to keep in mind when looking at Keenum is the playing environment of his career. A QB from Houston University (warm weather), that went to St Louis and then Minnesota. All dome teams. Now he’s subject to the thin Denver air that gets extremely frigid and difficult to play in during the tough winter months. It’s too early to tell from a weekly standpoint how the weather will impact, but potential trips to the Kansas City, Baltimore and New York late in the season, paired with Denver home games could be something to consider.

Keenum would have been a low end QB1 in Minnesota, but the move to Denver has him slotted as an average QB2 going forward.

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