Analyzing the Browns’ Fantasy Pieces, Todd Haley, and Offseason Plans (FFBDPod 6)

Dumpster fires don’t burn much brighter than the Cleveland Browns, especially as of late. They’ve been equally abysmal on the real field as the virtual gridiron, leading most to steer very clear fantasy-wise.

Yet, room for hope…actually exists?!

Equipped with the 1st and 4th pick of the NFL Draft + insane cap space, the Browns are in a position to dominate the offseason and turn around the misfortune. Thus, we welcome Zac Jackson, Cleveland native and expert on all things Browns, straight from the combine to your audio waves.

We hit Jackson with every and all relevant Browns question, leading to one of our most in-depth and holistic interviews yet. From the team’s offseason plans, to Josh Gordon, to Todd Haley, we cover it all. Don’t miss some exclusive, must-listen material on the Browns as we continue paving the path to 2018 dominance with another fire interview.


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