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About Us

“In a world full of fantasy sheep, be The Wolf”

Few things in life match the greatness of fantasy football. For many of us, our historic leagues are our greatest sources of overflowing pride or crippling despair. They maintain bonds that might otherwise wither, make casual talk at work far more bearable, and can even make family parties a complete battleground.  

Nevermind how profitable the virtual gridiron can be; every year, right around Christmas time, my (otherwise dwindling) bankroll is at least $2,000 higher, and that’s only from winning my lower-stakes, hometown leagues; with the rise of Daily Fantasy and high-stakes seasonal formats, literally millions upon millions of dollars are up for grabs.  

The beauty of it all? This massive earning potential is truly something within your control. You get the thrill of gambling, but are in the driver’s seat of the outcome. Think of your own league — it’s no coincidence the same few names are consistently atop the leaderboard. Yes, Lady Luck is still involved, but you choose your players, and knowing the right guys to buy and when to buy them is a science that few realize, and even fewer cash in on.

Yet, so many fantasy owners wander around the RotoSphere like lost sheep — at no fault of their own — given how jam-packed this booming industry is with trash-spewing “experts.” With more at stake than ever before, the herds continue wandering through miles upon shitty miles of fantasy garbage into fifth place (at best) finishes, breathing in the inaccurate, stale air polluting the virtual gridiron.

Thankfully, the Roto Street Journal has finally arrived to give fantasy football and its faithful addicts the content they deserve. By being more accurate and more entertaining than anything out there, we aim to be THE fantasy wolf amidst this sheep-filled crowd, helping you join the pack and dominate your leagues alongside us by being:

More Accurate

First, and most importantly, is accuracy — this is what’s going to earn you that $$ come Christmas time, and, best of all, that pedestal above your friends, coworkers, family, and/or random lonely ESPN users (if you’re a special breed of degenerate). Yet, who’s out there you genuinely trust?  Some nerd stuffing his face with Hot Pockets in his mom’s basement, telling you how many yards Player X averages with his left shoe lace untied? Please.

Instead, and unlike any other site, we take the simple but correct approach of treating Fantasy Football like the stock market it is.  Think about it: you’re investing principle (a draft pick or auction dollars) into stocks (players) by judging their upside or downside (fantasy ceilings and floors), choosing the right time (round) to buy this stock, ultimately creating a portfolio (fantasy team) that maximizes its return potential (fantasy point scoring).

Sounds cool, Wolf, but how do I know what “stocks” I should invest in?

Start with our Fantasy Stock Profiles, where we use our special Fantasy Stock Formula to craft the most comprehensive, well-rounded player evaluations out there.  Stay up to date with our “Stock Watch,” where we bring you all the RotoWorld Blurbs of actual meaning, while not wasting your time with any of the fantasy irrelevant content out there.  Plus, we’ll bring you all the highly valuable, but often missing, content that you crave: in-depth auction strategies, tips for dominating the often overlooked middle rounds, “Penny Stocks” that’ll cost nothing but could explode, clear and consistently updated “Market Watches” of the risers and fallers.  Of course, we’ll also expose all the other “experts” and their fantasy sins along the way, making sure you avoid the pitfalls they lay.  Trust us, no fantasy stone will be left unturned on Roto Street, and your picks, pickups, trades, and everything in between couldn’t be more well informed.

Even better, and unlike anyone else, we’ll bring the accuracy and still be enjoyable to read because we plan to be:

More Entertaining

Maybe… just maybe a few other experts out there are semi-trustworthy. But NO ONE brings any type of humor to a field just brimming with piss-your-pants humor.  Leagues overflow with incredibly degrading punishments, tears-of-joy-inducing trophies, and shit talk that’ll tear up lifelong friendships, yet our main source of humor is… Matthew Berry? A whining rant about some ex-wife’s cousin’s niece’s princess birthday party that, after 2,000 painfully lame words, he loosely connects to Love / Hate for players? Vomit.

Instead, we aim to capture the essence of what makes leagues so great by exploring “Fantasy Culture.”  From our “League Etiquette” series that’ll explore the Dos and Don’ts of fantasy behavior, to our collecting and ranking of the top Trophies, Punishments, Side Bets, and Draft Order Ideas, we’ll give you all the tools to make the best league around, while highlighting workhorse leagues everywhere, thanks to:

More User Engagement

We can’t accomplish our mission of making fantasy great again (well, for the first time) without all of you. User engagement will be critical, both question and story wise. We want all your inquiries, from keeper league quandaries, draft strategy confusions, and all sit/start and trade dilemmas once the season begins. Even better, however, we want all of your Fantasy Stories.  From your lowest Tragedies to your life-altering Triumphs, to those degrading side bets and every bond-breaking shit talk in between, we want to know what makes your leagues the best around.  

In closing, I am thrilled to welcome you to Roto Street.  We hope you find your stay both educational and enjoyable, and learn all you need to become a Fantasy Wolf. Your trophy cabinet and ego will thank you.


To fantasy titles and dominance all of 2017,

The Wolf

Founder of Roto Street Journal

Alpha of the Fantasy #WolfPack


  • Founder of Roto Street Journal. Lover of workhorse backs, target hog wideouts, and Game of Thrones. Aspiring to be the "Brady" and "Leo" of the fantasy universe.