The Art of the Sleeper Pick: How to Find Hidden Gems in Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is not just about picking the star players everyone knows about; it’s about discovering those under-the-radar talents who can outperform expectations. These are the sleeper picks that can turn your season around. 

According to the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association (FSGA), over 60 million people play fantasy sports in the United States and Canada alone, and many engage in fantasy football. About 40% of fantasy sports players create or join multiple leagues each year, showing the game’s appeal that keeps players coming back for more​.

Understanding the Concept of a Sleeper Pick

A sleeper pick in fantasy football refers to a player who is generally overlooked but has the potential to deliver strong performances. These players are often picked in the later rounds of drafts and can provide significant value compared to their draft position. The key is to identify these players before they break out.

The essence of a sleeper pick lies in their ability to exceed expectations significantly. For example, in past seasons, players like Alvin Kamara and Antonio Brown were initially drafted in later rounds but became top performers. The challenge is identifying these players before they become obvious choices.

Fantasy football managers often look for players who might benefit from changes in their team’s structure, such as new coaching strategies or the departure of key teammates. A player might also be considered a sleeper if they return from injury and will likely play a crucial role in the upcoming season.

Analyzing Team Dynamics

One effective way to find sleeper picks is to analyze team dynamics and understand which players are in a position to see increased usage. 

A player stepping into a starting role due to a teammate’s injury or departure can be a sleeper. The departure of Stefon Diggs from the Bills, for instance, opened up opportunities for other receivers like Curtis Samuel to step up and fill the void.

Use Expert Consensus and Average Draft Position (ADP)

Utilizing expert rankings and comparing them with ADP can help you spot undervalued players. Players who are ranked higher by experts than their ADP suggests are often sleepers. 

Tools like FantasyPros’ expert consensus rankings and ADP comparisons can provide a comprehensive view of where value might be found in drafts

Monitoring Preseason Performances

Preseason games and training camp reports provide valuable insights into player performances. Players who excel in these settings often carry that momentum into the regular season. Monitoring reports from reliable sources about which players stand out during the preseason is crucial. Fans who enjoy betting on the preseason can use PrizePicks promotional offers to get welcome bonuses while placing their bets, adding an extra layer of excitement and opportunity.

Preseason is where lesser-known players get a chance to showcase their skills. Reports from training camps can reveal which players are impressing coaches and might get more playing time. For instance, Jerome Ford’s limited touches last season make him a deep sleeper, but his potential in Cleveland’s run-heavy offense could pay off.

Preseason stats might not always indicate regular-season success, but they provide clues. Observing snap counts, target shares, and the roles players are being tested in can give you a competitive edge.

Looking at Historical Data

Historical performance data can also help identify potential sleepers. Players who have shown flashes of brilliance in previous seasons but were hindered by injuries or other factors can bounce back. Pat Freiermuth of the Pittsburgh Steelers is an example of a player who has the potential to rebound and become a valuable sleeper pick.

Consider injury-prone players who have recovered and are set to make a strong comeback. Analyzing past performances, especially in the context of their current team’s needs, can highlight players likely to outperform their draft position. 

Evaluating Rookie Potential

Rookies often come into the league with less hype but can have significant impacts. Paying attention to rookie reports and their performance in college can help identify those who might exceed expectations. Rookies like Jayden Reed, who showed promise in his rookie season, are worth considering as sleeper picks.

Rookies can be gold mines for sleeper picks. They come with high potential and often low expectations from the fantasy community. Researching their college stats, understanding their role in the new team, and monitoring their progress through training camps are essential steps. 

Assessing Team Offenses

The overall offensive strategy of a team can greatly influence a player’s potential. Teams with high-powered offenses or those undergoing a shift to a more pass-heavy or run-heavy approach can produce sleeper picks. Understanding the offensive coordinator’s tendencies and how they utilize certain positions can give you an edge in spotting these gems.

Final words

Finding sleeper picks is both an art and a science. It requires combining data analysis, understanding team dynamics, monitoring preseason developments, and leveraging expert insights. By employing these strategies, you can uncover hidden gems that propel your fantasy football team to success.


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