Xavier Worthy vs Adonai Mitchell: Which WR to Draft in 2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Drafts?

The two Texas WRs drip in elite fantasy upside.

Following its inaugural College Football Playoff appearance, Texas showcases two premier wide receiver prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft: Xavier Worthy and Adonai Mitchell. With both receivers expected to land in the first round of the NFL Draft, dynasty fantasy football managers who are positioned at the end of the first round will have to decide between the two high-upside players.

After standout performances at the NFL Combine, Worthy and Mitchell bring distinct skill sets to their prospective NFL teams, amplifying the significance of this decision for dynasty managers. Both receivers are ranked within the same tier in our 2024 Dynasty Rookie Rankings, presenting compelling arguments for their selection.

Nevertheless, with only one slot available, managers must carefully weigh the merits of drafting Xavier Worthy or Adonai Mitchell in the upcoming dynasty fantasy football rookie drafts.



  • As a High School Prospect: Composite 4-Star, 62nd nationally (WR8)
  • Skillset & Traits: Xavier Worthy is a dynamic player known for his route-running skills and elite vertical track speed. He excels as a separator and ball tracker, showcasing fluidity in his movements and a knack for accelerating rapidly. Worthy had an early breakout as a true freshman with 12 touchdowns and has since evolved into a more well-rounded receiver. He’s also a dangerous punt returner.
  • Production: Worthy wrapped up his career with 197 receptions for 2,755 yards and 26 touchdowns as a three-year starter at Texas.
  • NFL Combine Results: Height: 5’11” Weight: 165 lbs Arm: 31 1/8″ Hand: 8 3/4″


Xavier Worthy is a dynamic playmaker known for his ankle-breaking route-running skills and exceptional vertical speed, demonstrated by his impressive 22.7 MPH clocked speed and record 4.21 40-yard dash time. His ability to effortlessly blow by defenders and track deep targets sets him apart as a true deep threat on the field.

Worthy’s agility and acceleration are evident in his fluid transitions in and out of breaks, allowing him to create separation and make explosive plays downfield. Despite his slender frame, weighing just 165 pounds, he has shown remarkable reliability in catching the football and possesses the agility to turn short receptions into electrifying scoring opportunities, exemplified by his capability to take routine screens or quick hitters for touchdowns.

Having made an early impact with 12 touchdowns as a true freshman, Worthy has evolved into a multifaceted receiver, expanding his repertoire beyond just deep routes. His versatility extends to special teams, where he excels as a punt returner, averaging an impressive 16.9 yards per return in 2023.

However, his diminutive stature could potentially limit him to a slot receiver role, and he has faced challenges with concentration drops throughout his collegiate career.

Despite experiencing inconsistencies from his freshman to junior years, Worthy’s blend of speed, route-running ability, and playmaking skills make him a promising prospect with the potential to contribute in various facets of the game.



  • As a High School Prospect: Composite 4-Star, 383rd nationally (WR63)
  • Skillset & Traits: AD Mitchell is a natural athlete, boasting an impressive combination of size, speed, and athleticism. Mitchell showcased consistent hands with just one drop on 86 targets in 2023, making him a reliable target on the field. With a remarkable average depth of target (aDOT) of 16.0, Mitchell demonstrates his ability to make plays downfield, especially excelling against single coverage with his superior route running skills, acceleration, and knack for winning off the line of scrimmage. Mitchell was a legendary CFP performer, scoring five touchdowns in four games and taking home two national titles.
  • Production: At Georgia and Texas, Mitchell totaled 93 receptions for 1,405 yards and 18 touchdowns (played four games due to injury in 2022)
  • NFL Combine Results: Height: 6’2” Weight: 205 lbs Arm: 32 3/8″ Hand: 9″


Former Georgia and Texas wide receiver Adonai Mitchell possesses a rare combination of size, speed, and athleticism, making him a natural athlete on the field.

Known for his reliable hands, Mitchell demonstrated exceptional consistency with only one drop on 86 targets during the 2023 season. His ability to make plays downfield is evident, with an impressive average depth of target (aDOT) of 16.0, highlighting his knack for stretching the field vertically.

As a big-bodied receiver, Mitchell serves as a potent weapon in the red zone, excelling as a true outside threat who thrives against single coverage and showcases underrated route-running skills, often winning battles off the line of scrimmage with his acceleration.

Throughout his collegiate career, Mitchell has proven himself a clutch performer, contributing significantly to two national championships and securing three College Football Playoff berths in three seasons.

Despite his accomplishments, there are areas for improvement, notably in achieving more consistent production, although injury impacted his output. Additionally, Mitchell’s effectiveness in contested catch situations remains limited, even considering his height advantage. To further enhance his game, he could benefit from adding 10-15 pounds to his frame, which could improve his ability to create yards after the catch and bolster his physical presence on the field.



Worthy emerges as a polarizing figure among fantasy football dynasty owners, with draft experts projecting him anywhere from WR4 to WR10 in his class.

His dynamic skill set, marked by elite speed and impressive route-running ability in the short and intermediate, positions him as a tantalizing prospect. Notably, Worthy’s ability to outpace defenders downfield while demonstrating exceptional ball-tracking skills and awareness showcases his potential to be a game-changer in the NFL, leaving opponents trailing in his wake.

However, concerns linger regarding Worthy’s diminutive stature at 5-foot-11 and 165 pounds, raising questions about his ability to thrive against physical outside cornerbacks. Nevertheless, comparisons to successful receivers like DeSean Jackson and Marquise Brown highlight the possibility for Worthy to overcome size limitations and excel in today’s NFL landscape.

For Worthy to reach his full potential, landing in an explosive offensive scheme with a strong-armed quarterback could be pivotal, allowing him to unleash his complete skill set and establish himself as a fantasy football weapon, offering weekly ‘boom’ potential for fantasy managers.


AD Mitchell’s impact alongside Quinn Ewers and Worthy formed a formidable trio that propelled Texas into the College Football Playoff spotlight. Boasting an impressive track record, Mitchell secured two national titles at Georgia and contributed significantly to Texas’ CFP journey.

Particularly lethal against single coverage, Mitchell showcased his knack for finding the end zone, tallying six touchdowns in such situations during the 2023 season. While initially utilized as more of a vertical threat at Georgia, Mitchell’s repertoire has evolved to encompass a more diverse route tree, leveraging his size advantage over Worthy to become a versatile and reliable weapon in the passing game.

Mitchell’s transition to the NFL holds immense promise, as his combination of size and speed presents the potential for consistent production and game-changing plays. Remarkably, a staggering 84.4% of his receptions in 2023 resulted in a first down, underscoring his ability to move the chains effectively.

With a high ceiling yet to be reached, Mitchell possesses the natural attributes and football acumen to establish himself as a reliable playmaker at the professional level. His success under renowned offensive minds such as (current Ravens OC) Todd Monken at Georgia and Steve Sarkisian at Texas further reinforces his potential to thrive in pro-style offenses and his ability to grasp a playbook.


Before the NFL Draft kicks off, I’m leaning Adonai Mitchell over Xavier Worthy. The legendary little speedster will get all the hype entering the NFL Draft and Dynasty Rookie Drafts. However, I’m taking the much bigger body type (6’2″ 205 lbs vs 5’11” 165 lbs), who also runs a 4.34 with an elite Relative Athletic Score (RAS) of 9.98.

Mitchell is scheme-proof, as proven under Todd Monken and Steve Sarkisian. In his final year, he showed the ability to lineup all over the line of scrimmage (417 wide snaps vs. 94 slot snaps) after mostly playing outside at Georgia. In contrast, Worthy may have to land in the perfect offensive scheme, a creative branch off the Shanahan or McVay tree, to hit his ceiling.

This could change after the draft, but right now, I give AD a slight advantage over his teammate.

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