Numbers Show that even Canadians are into Fantasy Football

There is no denying that fantasy football has become one of the most popular online games today. In the US, there are all kinds of fantasy football platforms that football enthusiasts use to have fun and win money. So, it’s not a surprise that Canadians have followed suit and are starting to enjoy fantasy football more and more. 

Fantasy football: An overview

There is a certain charm in fantasy sports, and in fantasy football in particular. That can be the only explanation for why millions of people closely review fantasy football rankings every week to stay on top of their game. And why not? Fantasy NFL platforms allow you to experience the thrill and passion that veteran NFL coaches such as Pete Carroll and Andy Reid experience. Not to mention, you get a chance to win unlimited money and other prizes. 

In the past few years, fantasy football has grown in popularity considerably and become an important part of American sports culture. In fact, many announcers in NFL matches reference fantasy football during broadcasts. 

Fantasy football in Canada

Fantasy sports in general are very much legal in Canada. Since fantasy football is also a form of fantasy sport, it enjoys the status of easy acceptance and popularity in the country. In fact, it’s one sport that has single-handedly taken fantasy sports betting to another level in the country by building a multi-million-dollar industry in just a few years. 

The rise of fantasy football in Canada can be attributed to the popularity of the NFL over the past years. According to some reports, NFL viewership in Canada increased by almost 20% in 2020 during the season’s Week 8. And even though NFL viewership somewhat dropped before 2020 since 2016, it revived next year and has been increasing since. According to some reports, in certain parts of Canada, people spend more time watching NFL than CFL. 

Sports betting in fantasy NFL in Canada

The gaming industry in Canada is quite large and diverse. A good chunk of this industry comprises multiplayer online games and sports betting games such as fantasy football. 

Several factors have contributed to the growth and popularity of sports betting in Canada. These include paradigm shifts in technology, consumer preferences for online games, and cultural shifts. 

There are many sports betting options in Canada for interested individuals but the way NFL has done marketing and succeeded, few industries can match that. The league consists of fantasy football as an important and distinct entity that stands on its own. It includes both season-long contests and daily contests and gets ample promotion and publicity. 

Since fantasy football offers different ways to participate, even average sports betters can easily become a part of this growing domain and enjoy managing their own virtual sports teams. That’s the beauty of this fabulous domain. 

Fantasy sports promoters

Canadians identify fantasy football as one of the most thrilling sports today, and it reflects in the numbers too. But what’s really the reason behind this popularity? When we look at the fundamentals, it’s possibly because the sport involves real risks and real rewards. So, you have to build the perfect strategy to win- you have to make the right calls in every match, decide which players perform in which game, and try to win as many points as possible to stay ahead in the game. In other words, you have to think and act like real NFL coaches

NFL fantasy sports betting is also popular in Canada because it allows NFL fans to be involved in the tournaments in a different and interactive way. When fans participate in NFL fantasy sports, they can be more sociable and compete with their friends. It brings a different kind of fun when friends compete to see who knows NFL games better. It becomes a hot topic of discussion for friends when they meet after work or college. 


Sports betting has taken the world by storm and since NFL is one of the most popular sports in both the US and Canada, sports betters in this segment are at an all-time high. Do you also participate in fantasy sports? If yes, then what are your favorite teams? Do let us know and keep on playing!


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