Fantasy Football 101: Tips to Master Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy football is a game in which you can manage, coach, and own a virtual team of football players. The game involves drafting a team made up of NFL players and then scoring points based on their weekly performance on the field. The game has become increasingly popular worldwide, and we’ll try and help you understand it better in this article.

Learn the rules of the league

Different fantasy football leagues have different rules and point systems. A beginner should always strive to fully understand these rules before getting started. Knowing how points are scored will dictate which picks to make when drafting players based on their stats and accolades. Real-life player stats do not always translate proportionally into fantasy football, so this is why a comprehensive understanding of the specificities of the fantasy league is of paramount importance.

Load up on Running Backs

Running backs should be the base of your drafts. Even simply mathematically, running backs make the most sense, as while each team will have one quarterback, for a good performance there will be multiple running backs. Therefore, it just makes more sense to invest in some top-notch running backs early on in the drafts to get off to an early good start.

Anticipate the Average Draft Position

It’s crucial to have a good estimate of which position different players are being drafted at. Basically, Average Draft Position (ADP) is the average position of a player across different fantasy football drafts. It helps determine a player’s actual value instead of basing a decision on metrics on a sole fantasy league.

Include a Great Quarterback

It helps to have a solid quarterback capable of putting up points every week, as it’s usually the quarterback that is the main factor in scores per game Typically, one to three quarterbacks finish as the highest-scoring players in the league. 

A great thing about quarterbacks is that their trends are easier to spot. A quarterback’s performance is much less volatile statistically, so you can see how well he performs each year. It’s best to draft your quarterback early to ensure you have a solid, consistent scorer.

Balance the Team

Balance means having a good mix of safe or consistent players as a starting point. It is best to take the more reliable, proven talent in the first four rounds. The bottom line is that you should acquire proven elite performers early in the draft. 

If you want volume, rookies and upside players are good bets in the mid to late rounds. The key to success is balance. Your fantasy football team can suffer if you play it too safe or too risky.

Take your time when drafting Tight Ends

Experienced NFL fantasy league players tend to wait to draft the tight end position. Each year there are usually one to three tight ends putting up high numbers. While they play an essential role, they are not as important as other positions in the game’s early stages, such as running backs. The best time to select a tight end is after the 6th round, give or take.

Use the Cuddy System

Many fantasy league players have dominated their leagues using the Cuddy system. The word is an acronym that stands for Consistency, Upside, Durability, Depth, and Youth. It is wise to consider this system as you weigh a decision to draft a particular player. The assumptions depend on their records and performance over a week or year.

Getting younger players has pros and cons, so you should consider their roles and position. While it is not recommended to wait until a player ticks all of the CUDDY boxes before drafting them, a player should satisfy at least three of the criteria.

Prepare your Backup Plans

It is impossible to predict what might happen to players during a season, so it is always a good idea to have a backup plan. Also, suppose you are participating in a draft, and all the players you wanted have gone, or a specific player you want is unavailable due to injury. Making sure you back yourself up is a great way to avoid disappointment. 

Based on your research, make a list of players you must have; if you need help getting one player, work your way down the list. To cover yourself, you need backup running backs, and you will have the depth you need by loading up early.

No need to overestimate Defenses and Kickers

It would be best if you waited as long as possible before drafting either a kicker or a defense. Some players even stream both of these positions and use the average draft position to decide. A good strategy is to look for the best possible defense and kicker based on the previous year’s statistics. Compared to defense, kickers are more consistent based on experience and data. Defense and special teams can undergo drastic changes in the offseason. 

Do not follow the Crowd

A great piece of advance when drafting your fantasy football team is not to follow what everybody else is going for. You wouldn’t win if you stuck to the same line-up; you’d draw. Taking advice from other players and following the data is a great idea but using identical picks as others will leave you disappointed. 


We hope our tips and tricks will help you draft a formidable NFL fantasy football team. However, it’s important to note the game can change at any moment due to players getting subbed or injured, and there is no way to predict a winner. With any unpredictable form of entertainment, whether it’s sports betting, fantasy football, or slots like the exclusive Platincasino games, at the end of the day, the most important thing is to enjoy the process and the thrill of it. So do your own research before embarking on your next fantasy football draft and implement well-thought strategies to see the best results.