Fantasy Football Week 11 Cut List: Say a Final Goodbye to Matthew Stafford, Russell Wilson

A couple of former stud QBs are now on the chopping block.

It’s tough to let go of players in case things start to click for them as the season progresses.

Enter Justin Fields.

The longer things don’t click, the harder it is not to justify going to other avenues for fantasy production. This week’s list is led by other quarterbacks who just aren’t making the case that we should wait on them any longer this season (in one-QB leagues, anyway). Heading into this weekend, each of the following quarterbacks on this week’s cut list has been less productive per game in fantasy than:

Andy Dalton

Marcus Mariota

Taylor Heinicke

Daniel Jones

Jimmy Garoppolo

Joe Flacco (elite)

Roster percentages are, Yahoo, and ESPN

MATTHEW STAFFORD (63.1%, 63%, 54%)

This pick doesn’t have to do with his Week 10 absence due to concussion, or even Cooper Kupp’s high ankle sprain. It’s just been rough all year for the Rams’ offense coming off their Super Bowl victory.

Stafford entered Week 10 as the QB24, with no signs of improvement coming. An uncharacteristically bad offensive line has been at the forefront of the Rams’ offensive troubles, perhaps improvement there will just have to wait until the offseason.

DEREK CARR (70.4%, 68%, 61%)

The Raiders’ success has heavily hinged on Josh Jacobs having monster rushing games. Davante Adams‘ presence hasn’t resulted in wins on the scoreboard or in fantasy land, as apparent by Derek Carr’s QB23 in points per game.

Carr sounds like the leader of a team who gives their all, but 2-7 and a loss to Jeff Saturday in his coaching debut is what they have to show for it.

As Bill Parcells says, you are what your record says you are. And at least for this season, it looks like the same can be said for Carr’s fantasy production under Josh McDaniels.

RUSSELL WILSON (49.8%, 65%, 61%)

The Titans’ defense has been the quintessential pass funnel this season, allowing the second-fewest rushing yards per game, but the second-most passing yards per game.

Losing Jerry Jeudy to injury certainly matters, but lesser (projected) offenses have done better than Wilson’s pedestrian output of a 50% completion percentage, one touchdown, and one interception.

A QB24 showing (before MNF ends anyway), and another beyond disappointing loss at the hands of the Broncos offense. This offense shouldn’t stay this bad, but maybe it’s time to say “there’s always next year” for Russ’ fantasy upside in Denver.

MICHAEL GALLUP (20.5%, 42%, 41%)

Now six games into his 2022 campaign, Michael Gallup managers have been eager to see him get back in stride. But, in his last two games with Dak Prescott, he’s only seen eight catches for 84 scoreless yards. In those two games, the Cowboys’ offense has averaged 35 points per game, meaning they haven’t really needed Gallup to produce for the offense to put up numbers. Maybe your fantasy team should think the same way.

ROBERT TONYAN (41.4%, 47%, 45%)

In Week 9 against the Lions, Robert Tonyan had a chance to feast against a defense that can’t cover the tight end and he only mustered three catches for 29 yards.

This past week he could only garner one target in what ended up being the Christian Watson show. Even in the barren landscape of the tight end position, Tonyan has entered the unreliable-streamer territory.

DARE I SAY IT: KYLE PITTS (%, 95%, 95%)

Surprise… or should we be?

Through nine games, Pitts has scored two touchdowns and in only one other game has he been fantasy relevant. It’s time to decide who should be disappointed during the fantasy playoffs, you or one of your league mates.


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