Don’t Give Up On Allen Robinson in 2022 Fantasy Football After an Abysmal Week 1… Quite Yet

A-Rob managers are hurt right now.

While A-Rob had some of us questioning whether or not he still existed during his Rams debut, he isn’t as bad as some might lead you to believe.

Among all of the arguments about where the fault lies on Allen Robinson’s fantasy football production heading into 2022, one thing was clear: Matthew Stafford is the best quarterback that he’s gotten to play with his entire career.

Too bad Stafford wasn’t buying the hype, or so it seems. Even in a passing game script where he played 97% of snaps, one catch for 12 yards on two targets is all A-Rob could contribute in their Week 1 shellacking against the Bills.

Are we really expected to believe that Robinson’s doomed for a 5% target share this season?

Another thing that’s clear: this is rock bottom for A-Rob. Why? Because if not, what is there? Being traded, cut, or replaced on the depth chart by Van Jefferson, Ben Skowronek, Tutu Atwell, or a healthy Odell Beckham Jr. down the line?

Jefferson couldn’t supplant Robert Woods during Bobby Trees’ time in LA, and Beckham supplanted Jefferson upon arrival mid-season in 2021.

However, Stafford did give us an explanation of what went wrong during the opener.

A-Rob’s success against man coverage is well documented, and it’s a trait he’s become known for. Still, it’s hard to deny that there’s a substantial lack of chemistry that got exposed once the games counted.

Was Robinson open all throughout the night against the Bills? Opinions differ, but even the play at 0:52 in the following video makes it tough to blame Robinson. Instead of throwing the ball to a wide-open Robinson right in front of him, Stafford runs out of bounds for a few yards, a decision called out by the Thursday Night Football crew during the game.

Week 1 I have trademarked as Overreaction Week. Okay, not really, you can use it, but somebody should trademark it, and nobody should panic about Allen Robinson. At least, not after Overreaction Week, anyway.

A-Rob and the Rams host the Atlanta Falcons in Week 2, as well as one of the best, of the bottom-third, of PFF’s secondary rankings. Let’s see what happens before making any rash decisions. Keep an eye out for The Wolf’s Rest of Season Big Board & Rankings this week to see where Robinson slots in.


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