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Jarvis Landry Finally Rewards Patient Fantasy Football Managers with Week 12 Explosion

Oh, ye of little faith.

So maybe I wasn’t exactly expecting anyone to hold on to Jarvis Landry this far into the year, but I also wasn’t expecting rain and wind-soaked conditions during the three Browns games leading up this past weekend. Such weather unsurprisingly skewed stat lines while we were waiting to see an accurate picture of what Landry would do in an Odell Beckham-less Browns offense.

In sunny Jacksonville, Jarvis sent quite the statement, putting up an 8-143-1 line on 11 targets. The Jaguars defense doesn’t cause a lot of fear, certainly, but neither was Jarvis to this point. It was his first game this season reaching the endzone, as well as the 100-yard mark.

Good Chemistry With Baker Mayfield

For two weeks in a row, Baker has missed wide-open targets in the end zone, highlighting a general open-receiver accuracy issue that is unique with the QB, and one that the wild and wonderful World Wide Web is plenty aware of.

(not my meme, btw)

Despite his struggles hitting open guys, Baker fit multiple throws into tight windows with Landry, and Landry made the completions smoothly.


Tight throws are the way Baker and Landry just appear to like doing business. This connection was immediately apparent ever since Mayfield’s first appearance against the Jets in 2018, and one whose nature implies that it can continue consistently.

Favorable Matchups Ahead

Other than a tough test against the Ravens in week 14, Jarvis and the Browns get exploitable matchups against the Titans, Giants, and Jets the rest of the fantasy season.

The 2020 Cleveland Browns lean on the run, but they can’t give it off to Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt every down. Even before week 12, Jarvis’ alpha-WR status with OBJ out was never really in doubt.

Landry is bound to shoot up The Wolf’s Rest Of Season Big Board And Rankings. See just how far during this and every Monday evening, and throughout the week, on Facebook, Youtube, or Periscope.


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