2019 Fantasy Football: That Bum Kalen Ballage Highlights the Week 12 Cut Report

It's time to take the garbage out from under your roster.

For most leagues, the fantasy playoffs are two weeks away. It’s time to fine tune those rosters and hate cut those bums that have been besmirching your rosters with their unwanted presence.  Be sure to read our Week 12 Waiver Wire report to find out who you should target.

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Mitchell Trubisky, QB, Bears

If for some reason this man is still on your roster, whether you’re waiting for him to deliver on his talent or are in bye week Hades, you’ve made a terrible mistake. From the way he’s handled our beloved David Montgomery, to his strange confidence in Trubisky, Matt Nagy has proven to be an incompetent buffoon riding the coattails of the NFL’s most-beloved coaching tree. Trubisky has, somehow, been even worse.  Just give this guy the hate cut he deserves and look for upside options elsewhere.

Bum Brethren: Jared Goff, Kyle Allen

Kalen Ballage, RB, Dolphins

Excuse me for a moment… I feel a case of hives and a bout of sneezing coming.  I’ve been allergic to Ballage since he came out of college.  What could have been a halfway decent penny stock early this season when sharing the backfield with Kenyan Drake. But in reality, Ballage has been a disappointment of the Bishop Sankey caliber.

Ballage has been incapable of finding any production in this Dolphins offense.  It’s a question as to whether he’s looked more clueless and incompetent as a pass catcher, or as a rusher. The answer to that question is, both. Should Ballage be cut even with Mark Walton stuck behind bars? Yes… weeks ago.  See-ya Ballage!

Bum Brethren: Chase Edmonds, Mark Walton

Corey Davis, WR, Titans

Let me take this moment to reflect upon the promise that Davis has flashed with Tennessee.

1… 2…

Yeah that didn’t take long.

Since being drafted by the Titans, Davis has underachieved to the point of complete disappearance.  Perhaps that’s why the Titans have been unable to get him going.  He turns into a ghost and the quarterbacks can ever find him.

I prefer to think of him as having DeVante Parker syndrome: flashes and dominates in the pre-season, only to ruin your fantasy teams and stink up your bench.  As long as Davis is with the Titans, he belongs in the garbage heap with the rest of the fantasy trash.

Bum Brethren: Kenny Stills, Marquez Valdes-Scantling

Clean up your fantasy rosters.  Hate cut these bums and never look back.

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