QB-Proof Mike Thomas is the Most Consistent of the Fantasy 1st Round WRs

It doesn't matter who's chucking him the rock, Mike Thomas will always be the alpha target-hog in the Saints offense.

“Oh no,” people who had limited faith in Mike Thomas yelled. “Drew Brees is injured! This is really going to hurt Mike Thomas’s fantasy value!  How could it not?”

“I’ve got an idea,” said a calm, measured, football savvy member of the RSJ staff.  “Why don’t you chill the fuck out?  Mike Thomas will be fine.”

And guess what?  He’s fine.  He’s better than fine.  On Sunday, Thomas hauled in 11 catches on 13 targets for 182 yards and two touchdowns.  Just in case you think that performance was some kind of an anomaly, he’s caught 25 of 29 targets in the past 3 weeks (which we shall refer to from now on as the Teddy Bridgewater Era) for essentially the same yardage as he amassed when Brees was throwing to him.

Thomas is averaging 11 targets a game and he’s catching over 80% of the balls that come his way.  You don’t have to have a Ryan Fitzpatrick intellect to realize that those numbers are going to result in consistent (often massive) fantasy output.  Currently, Thomas sits at number 5 in fantasy scoring amongst receivers this season.  He trails Chris Godwin, Amari Cooper, DJ Chark (Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo…), and Cooper Kupp.  Mike Thomas is the only guy who everyone thought was going to be awesome this year who IS in fact awesome this year.

Moving forward it seems there are only 4 things you can truly rely on in this topsy turvy world of ours: Death, taxes, Frank Gore approaching 1000 yards for the season, and Mike Thomas being a bad ass no matter who’s chucking him the ball.


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