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Sony Michel Sluggish Fantasy Start Continues Versus Jets, Vastly Out-Snapped by Rex Burkhead

The 2019 Patriots have, thus far, been a masterpiece.  The fact that they are universally regarded as such when their so-called leading RB has been so terrible makes them look even better in this writer’s humble opinion.  How terrible has Sony Michel been?  I’m glad you asked.

In Week 3, Michel rushed 9 times for a grand total of 11 yards (and yes, he scored a touchdown, but Trent Richardson probably could’ve too if only someone would just give him a chance).  That’s an average of 1.2 yards per carry.  At that rate, if Sony Michel had run the ball 83 times, he still would’ve been a little shy of 100 yards on the day–which was right around what the Jets were giving up on the ground before they encountered the fearsome Michel/Burkhead backfield on Sunday.

In fact, with James White taking paternity leave, Burkhead out-snapped the second-year back 57 to 17. Puke.

If you’re wondering if this was just a bad game and if the rest of his games have been stellar, they haven’t been.  Michel has averaged a whopping 36 yards a game on the ground so far, averaging 2.4 yards a carry.  For a little perspective, that average puts him just below Mike Davis, so… yeah.

Luckily, in this crazy PPR world we live in, an RB playing with a good QB can rack up fantasy points through the air.  Except… Sony Michel has not caught a pass this season.  Not one.  He has been targeted once, and he (surprise) failed to make the catch.  I assume Tom Brady must have thought he was someone else when he tossed it that way.

Michel will likely continue to get chances, but he plays for a coach who does not tend to tolerate mediocrity for long, so he is probably feeling a sense of urgency to get it going right about now.  He’s got Buffalo in Week 4 who are ranked 8th against the run this season–not a super easy assignment.

Stock down.  Wayyyy down.

Sony is our RB22 on our current Rest of Season Big Board.

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