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Darwin Thompson Offers Serious Fantasy Penny Stock Upside

For all the hype and coverage surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs and their offense, it’s a little known commodity that’s starting to grab our attention. Drafted in the 6th round of this years draft, running back Darwin Thompson is starting to turn heads at Chiefs camp. At the moment he’s dealing with a crowded backfield consisting of Damien Williams, Carlos Hyde and Darrell Williams.

Out of Utah State, Thompson graded as a 4.94 out of 10 which falls in the “should be in an NFL training camp,” grade area. His draft overview synopsis read as follows:

“Worker-bee running back with a willingness to put the hard-hat on and make his living between the tackles despite a lack of size. Thompson runs with zeal, but his average foot quickness and delayed downhill trigger limits his ability to threaten beyond on the second level. He will be unable to outrun NFL speed to the corner so his future may be limited to what he can do between or over the tackles. He’s versatile and tough enough to get a chance to compete for a spot at the back-end of the roster as a three-down backup prospect.”

In his first preseason action, this run between the tackles fits the bill of his analysis above. He also displays some great strength shedding the Bengal defender wrapping him up.

What gets me going though and really sends a jolt of lightning to the tip of my member was this 29 yard touchdown reception that came later in the game.

Look at that speed. Those afterburners man. Watching that clip gets me all riled up and makes me want to throw some lofty comparisons Thompson’s way. When I see this kid I honestly think of Alvin Kamara. Both undersized guys who can run between the tackles as well as getting out in space and making people miss. The talent is there, he just needs the opportunity to get out onto the field and make some sweet magic.

The RB1 of an Andy Reid/Kansas City offense has historically laid waste to fantasy landscapes in the past. From LeSean McCoy, Brian Westbrook, Jamaal Charles, and Kareem Hunt, plenty of dominant RB1 have flourished with Reid. Even Damien Williams became an RB1 after Hunt’s departure from the team. Williams isn’t exactly a household name though, and he’s apparently already losing a grip on the firm RB1 role as Hyde has entered the picture. We thought Williams would have a vice grip on the RB1 role, but it looks like the door is creeping open for others.

Thompson has worked in with the first team offense recently in camp, most noticeably down in goal line work which is a little surprising. His coaches and teammates have been raving about him which is always a promising sign.

“He’s bringing some good energy with him to practice and it translated to the game. It’s not all about running the football either, pass protection is an area where he’s shined at times. His pass protection is strong, the guy is strong,” Chiefs RB coach Deland McCullough said. “He has a great base. He has some stature issues but once he gets up inside, that’s where his strength is are once he gets his hands on you, he will squat down on you and anchor down to stop a guy from getting to the quarterback.”

Even RSJ legend and league MVP Patrick Mahomes chimed in on Thompson’s presence.

“I mean it’s all about them understanding the offense,” Mahomes said. “The talent is there of course. You see it every single day. You see them go out there and they make special plays and we want them to understand exactly what to do each and every single day, and they are sort of picking it up faster and faster as it goes on. I’ve seen it from both Darwin and Mecole since the OTAs started of just kind of being out there at first and not really knowing what’s going on and then not making the same mistakes twice. When you get guys like that, that learn and that are in their playbooks and have that much talent, those are the special players in this league.”

He’s trending in the right direction, and the better he plays the more difficult it will be for Andy Reid to keep him on the sidelines. If he’s able to crack that rotation and get significant playing time, the Chiefs offense will be so goddamn good that it would send his stock to the moon — similar to Kamara. I know I have really high hopes for the kid, but when you watch him play you just can’t help it. It certainly doesn’t help he’s wearing Jamaal Charles’ old #25 either. Make sure you pick up this penny stock on draft day.

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