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Fantasy WR1? Aaron Rodgers Would “Like to Throw to Davante Adams More”

Although Davante Adams ranked second in the league in targets, Aaron Rodgers feels he needs to feed his No.1 weapon even more. “I’d like to throw to Davante more,” Aaron Rodgers said this week following a Green Bay Packers OTA practice. “He’s that open. We’ve got to keep finding ways to get him the ball.”

Typically, the Packers have featured 2-3 viable weapons, but Rodgers is ready to continue funneling the ball to Adams. He finished as 2018’s top WR in FPPG (18.3), and could easily repeat with Rodgers peppering him even more.

Oftentimes, QBs avoid admitting their preference to lock-in on one guy, but Rodgers is embracing his sweet spot: “There’s nothing wrong with having a go-to guy who’s that dynamic and trying to find ways to get him the ball,” Rodgers continued. “I’m not going to shy away from throwing the ball to Davante.”

That’s perfect, because Adams should see even more favorable coverages in Matt LaFleur‘s offense that’ll move him around all over. According to his WRs coach, this scheme “gives him different means of getting open and the flexibility to move him around in different spots on the field, and that way defenses can’t key on them.”

How quickly this offense clicks remains a major storyline, as LaFleur comes from the notoriously complex “Shanahan”-tree. If installation is smooth, Adams could easily repeat as fantasy’s top-WR. He’s topped 10+ TDs in three straight seasons, and proved fully capable of shouldering a passing attack in his first year as Rodgers’ true No.1. Don’t hesitate taking Adams in the 8-10 range of 2019 drafts. The floor and ceiling are equally sky-high.

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