Time to Explore Other Options? Corey Clement and Wendell Smallwood Useless vs Panthers

We just can't get this backfield correct.

Just a week after Corey Clement told Eagles’ GM Howie Roseman that the team doesn’t need to trade for another running back, both Clement and Wendell Smallwood did next to nothing in Week 8. Clement was the more pathetic of the two, rushing for six yards on eight carries, while Smallwood totaled 32 yards on nine carries. Not only could neither get anything done on the ground, but they combined for only 21 yards on four receptions. Puke. It seems like we have been wrong on this backfield every week, so maybe they’ll make a deal for a legit workhorse, but who knows at this point.

As of right now, it’s tough to put faith into either of these guys. We originally thought Smallwood was the player to target post-Ajayi, then Clement overshadowed him on Thursday Night Football. What’s even more disappointing is that the Eagles led the Panthers 17-0 after three quarters, and one of these backs should have iced the game. Will they try to turn their season around by throwing out an offer for Le’Veon Bell, who as of now will not show up this week? Or will they explore a cheaper option to add to this gross committee? After blowing a 17-point lead, one would have to assume that Roseman will be calling around for a workhorse running back.