TY Hilton Fitting Perfectly in Frank Reich’s Scheme: Reaffirms WR1 Value

TY Hilton and Andrew Luck make sweet, sweet music together.

This preseason, Colts WR TY Hilton was one of the most questioned receivers in all of fantasy. After the Colts played without franchise QB Andrew Luck for all of 2017, Hilton and the offense’s numbers took drastic hits into mediocrity. Now with a healthy shoulder, Luck returned for 2018, but questions remained for Hilton and the Colts. Just how healthy is Luck? Can he still make the deep throws? What about new head coach Frank Reich? How will his scheme fit Hilton’s play style? I think it’s safe to say that after two weeks, TY Hilton is showing that he’s going to be just fine in 2018. If you drafted Hilton this year in the third or fourth round, you’re feeling pretty confident in what you have.

So far against the Bengals and Redskins, Hilton has racked up 22 targets for a 12-129-2 season stat line. He leads the team in every receiving category but touchdowns — in which he’s tied with Eric Ebron. The addition of Reich to this team has changed the way Hilton has been used thus far. Traditionally, we saw Hilton make his worth on deep balls and catching long touchdowns. Kind of a boom or bust guy. Now in Reich’s West Coast Offense, Hilton is being used more in quick hitters to help utilize his speed after the catch. This does wonders for his YAC, as defenders simply keep up with his speed, and even opens up the deep ball more for him. The more you work the short and intermediate routes, the defense creeps up, allowing you to drop bombs for Hilton over the top. It also helps that aside from the two tight ends, the only threat to Hilton for consistent targets is receiver Ryan Grant. You should be buying Hilton right now.


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