Ryan Tannehill Has “A Lot of Trust” in Kenny Stills, Will Expand Route Tree After Impressive Week 1

If Kenny Stills can become a complete receiver... watch out.

Highlighted in our Game Day Guide as a must-target Penny Stock, Kenny Stills made us look smart when he went off Week 1 for 106 yards and two touchdowns on four receptions. Both Adam Gase and his quarterback Ryan Tannehill praised their speedster, saying “there’s a lot of trust there” between Stills and his quarterback. The trust has expanded so much that Stills might be asked to run a more advanced route tree, which will make him less of a boom-or-bust option.

What’s best about Stills’ performance, is that even though he roasted Malcolm Butler on a deep ball, he scored his first touchdown from the slot on a quick out pattern. He’s always going to utilize his deep speed, but for him to be more effective and less touchdown-dependent from a fantasy basis, the usage from the slot should get him more short and intermediate targets.

“There’s [going to be] more underneath and there’s [going to be] more as far as receptions per game go, to where maybe instead of four catches for 100 yards, it might end up being like seven or eight catches, where there might be a couple of shorter throws in there,” Tannehill said — basically confirming an expanded route tree for Stills.

With a limited number of weapons on the Dolphins offense, Stills is the perfect WR3/ Flex option from here on out.


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