Eric Ebron is Building a Connection With Andrew Luck, Snags Touchdown on 5 Targets

Frank Reich is going to untap Eric Ebron's potential.

It just so happens after our episode of The Fantasy Fullback Dive with Eliot Crist, where he called Colts TE Eric Ebron one of his most undervalued tight ends — he caught all five of his targets for 54 yards and a score during their dress-rehearsal game. Ebron has been building a rapport with Andrew Luck and has potentially overtaken Jack “The Beanstalk” Doyle as Luck’s primary tight end. 

Ebron’s pass-catching potential and athleticism have never been the question mark with the talented tight end, it’s been his lack of consistency, his dropped passes and lack of focus or effort that has made him a semi-bust. New HC Frank Reich’s tight end heavy scheme could be just the thing that revives Ebron’s career and untaps his full potential.

Coming from the Eagles who utilized Zach Ertz and Trey Burton to their full potentials, it’s safe to say Ebron will be used all over the formation by Reich. He’ll be lined up in the slot or even split out as a receiver, while Doyle is on the line of scrimmage.

Colts TE coach Tom Manning “had tapes of Zach Ertz last year, Antonio Gates (in San Diego) and (Trey) Burton over there in Philadelphia,” OC Nick Sirianni recalled. “He had so many little stats and tapes put together. (It was) about treating (Ebron) the right way. He is a phenomenal talent so we would be foolish not to want him on our team.”

Ebron has been a disappointment thus far in his career, but if he’s going to blow up anywhere, it’s under Reich.


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