Deep Love: Patrick Mahomes Ropes a 69-yard Bomb to Tyreek Hill, Rapport Growing

We all knew Patrick Mahomes can sling, and Tyreek Hill can fly. But it was still beautiful watching th

If Roto Street had to pick a poster-boy QB, Patrick Mahomes would be the no-brainer. On Friday versus the Falcons, he flashed why: an effortless 69 yard bomb that led a streaking Tyreek Hill right into the end zone — the longest . Meanwhile, Hill was easily Mahomes’ top target, validating the week’s earlier reports of their brewing chemistry, and reaffirming his WR1 Value.

The only QB listed on my “Must Buy” Bargain List (part of the Preseason Kickoff Guide), my love for Mahomes is no secret. This game flashed exactly why: Mahomes consistently sought the big play (even to a fault), benefited from excellent YAC from his receivers, and flashed his mobility in and outside the pocket. Meanwhile, Hill blew past the defense with ease, and flashing the instant 20+ point swing a Hill-Mahomes “Pig Roast” could bring. Hills’s tied with Travis Kelce for a team-leading 6 targets on Mahomes’ 18 throws, as compared to a whopping 0 for Sammy Watkins, and seems to easily be the preferred WR option here in KC.

Even with the mistakes (1 horrendous pick), Mahomes is due to explode as the engine of this juggernaut. Between speedy deep threats outside, seam busters inside, and excellent YAC backs, this offense is truly indefensible, especially when the man under center has perhaps the top arm in the NFL. There will be growing pains, but Andy Reid is a QB-whisperer and will mold Mahomes’ unlimited potential. Plus, the defense looks like a sieve, which should keep games in shoot-out mode. Simply put, I was already all-in on Mahomes and the Chiefs, and feel nothing but validated after this performance.


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