Will Fuller Added 15-20 lbs to his Beanpole Stature to Increase Durability

It's less than ideal that Will Fuller was playing in the NFL at 165-170 lbs.

Although we are told during training camp that every player is suddenly in ‘the best shape of his life,’ Will Fuller’s added muscle mass might actually mean something. Fuller is now weighing in at an Incredible Hulk-like 185 lbs, which is an increase of 15-20 lbs from 2017. I’m no math expert, but that means Fuller was playing in the NFL at 165 or 170 lbs — which is borderline insane. The added muscle should make him more durable, which has been an issue for the speedster, as he’s only played in 24 of his first 32 games. 

With Deshaun Watson throwing the rock, Fuller was on an insane pace last season. Once he returned in Week 5 from his broken collarbone, the Notre Dame product recorded all seven of his touchdown receptions with Watson under center — in only four games. With DeAndre Hopkins commanding at least the eyes of two defenders at all times, Fuller is the perfect compliment to take the top off the defense for the rest of the offense.

Don’t you worry, though. Fuller is just as fast and explosive as he’s ever been. In fact, he was recently clocked at 4.28 in the 40-yard dash. “Just another coat, so I can take those hits and I can be more versatile,” Fuller said. “That’s something you have to keep working on with your speed as you’re gaining weight. I’m not fat now, so I’m still fast.”

As you’ve noticed, we are all-in on the Texans offense, and especially Fuller. We have him at 63 overall (WR27), which is a crazy 26 spots above his current ECR.


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