Jordan Howard Plans to Improve Pass-Catching as he Begins to Feel the Heat From Tarik Cohen

Jordan Howard needs to fix his case of the 'dropsies' before he finds himself on the bench.

Jordan Howard is starting to feel the heat from Tarik Cohen, as his current talents as a pass-catcher won’t be good enough to be an every-down back in Matt Nagy’s offense. Howard, who has dropped 14 passes during his two seasons, claims he’s planning on improving his pass-catching for this season.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that after Cohen had been “lining up everywhere” during OTAs — utilizing his hands and route-running abilities — that Howard now plans to improve as a receiver. Although Cohen flashed during his rookie season, Howard never felt a real push from the electric back due to John Fox’s inability to utilize Cohen’s elite talent. Now with the creative Nagy calling the shots, Cohen’s snaps and touches will be on the rise in 2018. Howard has most certainly done the job as a ball carrier, eclipsing 1,000 yards during each of his first two seasons, but his snaps could be in danger due to Cohen’s explosive skill-set. Will Howard be able to stay on the field in Nagy’s offense? Or will he strictly be a goal-line/ short-yardage back? If he’s able to fix his pass-catching issue that he says “started back in high school,” that would definitely protect his place as our RB13.


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