Sammy Watkins Moving “All Over the Place,” Refining Craft Under Andy Reid

Throughout OTAs Sammy Watkins reportedly moved “all over the place,” made dazzling plays, and refined his craft under Andy Reid. In sum, he fits in KC seamlessly, especially considering his blazing speed and excellent ball-tracking skills will be married to Patrick Mahomes’ cannon arm. The two have reportedly been clicking, meaning Watkins may deserve more fantasy football attention.

“He made some catches sometimes that I don’t know how they’re possible,” Mahomes said, describing Watkins’ playmaking. Meanwhile, Reid discussed the way he’s using formations to free up Watkins: We were moving him everywhere,” Reid said. “He hasn’t had to do that in his career.” Instead of being left at X (often where the other team’s best corner hovers), Watkins has moved to the slot where he’s “getting more opportunities on linebackers [and] safeties.” The increased and varied usage, and tutelage of Reid, has Watkins more motivated than ever, who said, “I’ve been my best this year with just getting in shape and learning the offense,” Watkins said.”He’s helped me in this short amount of time with just being a compete receiver, not just being a, ‘Oh, he just runs go-routes. I’ve got to learn the whole route tree.” The fantasy questions here don’t hinge on “Coaching Scheme,” or “Talent.” The issue is truly “Usage” in such a crowded offense (Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill) that spreads the ball around, plus the obvious “Risk” with Watkins’ durability and consistency woes. His late 6th ADP feels right, though I prefer Chris Hogan and Will Fuller in that range.


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