A “More Aggressive” Blake Bortles Offers Genuine ‘Unsexy Upside’ in Year 2 of Offense

According to Jaguars OC Nathaniel Hackett, Blake Bortles progression in his second year of the offense will allow him “to be a lot more aggressive.” Bortles, who feels he is playing far more freely and now “owning the offense,” still possesses a cannon arm and drips in sneaky upside as the current QB25 (190th overall).

Perhaps the name Bortles just sounds ugly, because year-in and year-out the gunslinger goes largely undrafted in fantasy football, despite finishing as the QB4, QB9, and QB13 over his past three seasons. He’s always had the deep arm, completing a league-high 72 passes of 20+ yards in that QB4 season. Now more comfortable in Hackett’s offense in Year 2, Bortles is reportedly playing without thinking and allowing Hackett to be more aggressive in his play-calling. “We’re in a great situation, because a very good line, and we have very good running backs, which will allow us to run the ball,” Hackett said. “Now it’s going to allow us to be a lot more aggressive because you can trust that Blake is going to make the right decision more consistently.”  While you gain no “ohhs” and “ahhs,” Bortles has a sneaky high floor and a completely ignored ceiling, making him a worthy last-round investment for the QB-needy.


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