Leonard Fournette and Andrew Norwell will Steamroll Opposing Defenses

Leonard Fournette’s Surrounding Talent Score will increase with the addition of the road grader that is Andrew Norwell. 

Though linemen often are overlooked by fantasy owners, Andrew Norwell‘s (PFF’s No. 3 ranked guard) signing may go down as one of 2018’s most crucial. Granted, the only player we truly care about here is Leonard Fournette, but Norwell will stabilize the only glaring weakness on an otherwise punishing run-blocking line, allowing Fournette to run even more freely in his sophomore campaign. Fournette’s health is admittedly a huge concern. Yet, Norwell’s presence all but guarantees weekly RB1 production for as long as Fournette lasts. Hopefully, it’s all 16 and a masterpiece.

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