The Grass Won’t be Greener for Jordy Nelson with the Raiders

Jordy Nelson’s Coaching Scheme, Usage and Surrounding Talent scores to take a hit playing second fiddle in a downgraded passing game.

New Oakland Raiders WR Jordy Nelson will see a decrease in three major categories while in his new digs in the Bay Area. No longer acting as his former boy toy’s security blanket in Aaron Rodgers, Nelson will thrust into Derek Carr‘s offense, which struggled mightily compared to 2016. Nelson seems to be a fill in for the departed Michael Crabtree — which might seem good at first, before diving into the stats. With new Head Coach Jon Gruden at the helm, this means potential great things for Amari Cooper. As The Wolf pointed out in prior articles about Gruden’s hire, his West Coast scheme likes to stretch the defense and get the ball in his best player makers’ hands. WR1s in Gruden’s offenses have flourished in the past as he “funnels looks and production to his top target.” He’s ALWAYS produced a 1,000 yard receiver and only once had under 122 looks. You think that’s going to be the 32 year old Nelson? Nah, me neither. He’s surely not the WR1 we all knew and loved in Green Bay, and now he’s slowly dwindling away to WR2 status on his team as his career starts to fade.


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