Tyrod Taylor set for QB1 Stats with Cleveland’s Stacked Cast, Explosive Scheme

Traded to Cleveland, Tyrod Taylor receives major “Surrounding Talent” and “Coaching Scheme” upgrades following the Browns’ wild offseason.

With minimal firepower to play with, Taylor has largely delivered the QB1 goods in Buffalo; in both 2015 and 2016, he was the QB8 in points per game with a banged up Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods as his top targets. Instead of Zay Jones and a limping Jordan Matthews, TyGod will now  sling to Josh Gordon (potential top-five talent), Jarvis Landry (arguably the top slot weapon in the game) and Corey Coleman, (an athletic freak not far removed from receiving awards as the top collegiate wideout). Meanwhile, Duke Johnson ranks among the top receiving backs in the game, and last year’s first round TE David Njoku still drips in the raw athleticism to develop into a nightmare matchup. Beyond just the skill positions, Taylor also lands behind one of the NFL’s top lines. Moreover, he leaves behind Buffalo’s vanilla schemes for the always explosive Todd Haley. Though Haley has never worked with a QB of Tyrod’s mobility, the new OC is adamant in crafting offenses around his players’ strengths. Expect plenty of rollouts, bootlegs, and designed runs. Moreover, Haley loves attacking teams vertically, which fits into Tyrod’s abilities to buy time in the pocket, as well as drop dimes deep. We have the perfect marriage of an underrated talent, meshing with a proven play caller, and joining now-loaded weapons cabinet. The only risk is losing the job to an highly-touted rookie — admittedly a real concern — but I firmly believe TyGod will do just this… and yield QB1 numbers for his games played regardless.


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