Kirk Cousins lands in ideal spot with Minnesota, set for career bests

Now in Minnesota, Kirk Cousins’ “Surrounding Talent” and “Coaching Scheme” scores both receive healthy boosts, setting the stage for a Top Five QB finish.

With a strong and accurate arm, magnetic leadership qualities, and strong durability, Cousins has all the makings of a potential franchise QB. He’s now in the perfect spot to prove this in Minnesota. The Vikings drip in offensive firepower: Adam Thielen is among the league’s smoothest route runners, is deceptively fast down the field, and consistently finds the soft spots on a defense. Meanwhile, Stefon Diggs has flashed elite traits in all three seasons, at times putting the entire passing attack on his back for 10+ reception games. He’s a gym rat and pure lover of the game, thus working on his craft nonstop. Meanwhile, Kyle Rudolph is enormous yet can fly down the seams, while Dalvin Cook is dangerously explosive in the receiving game out of the backfield. Additionally, new OC John DeFilippo, is appropriately praised for his incredible work with Carson Wentz and Nick Foles in 2017. Not that Cousins’ game leaves a ton to be desired, but if DeFilippo can squeeze historic postseason runs out of Foles, he certainly could take Cousins to another level. The Vikings were already one of the league’s top offenses in 2017, ranking 10th in total yardage and 11th in scoring. Both Kirk Cousins and new OC John DeFilippo are capable of sending this unit towards the top five.

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