Torrey Smith Possesses Fantasy Football Penny Stock Upside with the Panthers

Torrey Smith to the Panthers could fit an integral role under Norv Turner's aerial attack.
Is It Possible Torrey Smith Going to the Panthers is... A Sexy Fantasy Football Move?

So, the Philadelphia Eagles have traded away WR Torrey Smith to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for a young cornerback, Daryl Worley. Smith played a role for the Eagles in their Super Bowl run, but took a backseat to both Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor in terms of a fantasy football perspective. Jeffery was the No. 1 guy, while Agholor primarily operated out of the slot, leaving the deep ball and stretching of the field responsibilities to Smith.

Now he’s in Carolina, who traded away top receiving target Kelvin Benjamin in the middle of the year to Buffalo. The trade left the Panthers with just Devin Funchess to handle the receiver position after rookie Curtis Samuel was shut down with an injury.

The Panthers did however bring in Norv Turner this offseason as the team’s offensive coordinator which as The Wolf points out could be extremely beneficial to his fantasy outlook:

“The [Norv Turner’s] offense is predicated upon stretching the defense to its limits in the passing game, while softening the front-seven and establishing the play action with a bruising power run game. In general, the offense isn’t so much dependent on high percentage plays as it is gaining massive chunks at a time. Oftentimes, this requires wide receivers winning one-on-one jump ball type of deep routes.”

Norv Turner and his “Air Coryell” offense would be glad to have a deep vertical threat like Smith, which is likely why they targeted one of the league’s most well-known vertical threats. Turner likes to pound the opposing defense with a power run game and utilize his backs in the screen game, then hits the defense vertically. Christian McCaffrey is one who will definitely benefit from both Turner’s and Smith’s arrival. We know Cam Newton has a strong enough arm to make those deep throws, and with Benjamin gone, Smith will slide right into that deep role they’ve been missing since Ted Ginn Jr’s departure. Think of vintage Vincent Jackson back in San Diego back in the day.


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