The 2017 Rotos: Fantasy Football’s Most Overhyped Player

The 2017 Roto for the Most Overhyped Player goes to...

The famous Booby Myles once said: “Hype is something that’s not for real. I’m all real.”

Unfortunately, the following players were NOT all real. Like a deceptive trail of candy that led only to a pile of shit, owners followed every puff piece and coachspeak straight to a whopping bust. Oftentimes, owners clung to these guys based on their earlier hype, waiting…and waiting… and waiting… for the breakout that never came.  Yes, these players qualify as pure busts too, but this award focuses more on the crashing and burning hype train we rode to Blue Ball City.  Let’s hop aboard one more time…

The 2017 Nominees are:

  • Jay Ajayi
  • Amari Cooper
  • Isaiah Crowell
  • DeVante Parker
  • Terrelle Pryor
  • Doug Martin

If you want to watch The 2017 Rotos in its entirety, click here.


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